Brain Health—8 Ways to Feed Your Brain

It really is all in your head—all three pounds and 100 billion neurons of it, that super biocomputer affectionately known as the brain. And now that Americans live, on average, for 78 years (three decades longer than they did in 1900), it doesn’t take, well, a brain surgeon to figure out that nurturing the brain’s … Read more Brain Health—8 Ways to Feed Your Brain

3 Foods for a Bigger, Better Brain

When it comes to your brain, bigger is better. Studies have shown that people with greater brain volume have sharper, quicker minds. But our brains begin to shrink as we age. After age 25, our brains lose about 2 grams of weight every year. But what if eating certain foods could keep your brain big … Read more 3 Foods for a Bigger, Better Brain

Six Foods to Beat Menopause

Ladies, we have all experienced the ups and downs associated with our menstrual cycle. Between the cramps and mood swings, we often dream about the days when these symptoms will no longer surface on a monthly basis — but be careful what you wish for. Menopause will follow. For those who have experienced menopause, you … Read more Six Foods to Beat Menopause

Magnesium Helps With Sleep

Most North Americans are deficient in this mineral– are you? Magnesium is what helps us to produce energy and allows our muscles to relax. It relaxes nerves, relieves tension and helps with sleep. It is necessary for proper brain, nerve, lung and digestion function. Together with calcium is allows our nerves to work so they … Read more Magnesium Helps With Sleep

14 Foods To Boost Your Happiness Hormones

In the never-ending pursuit of happiness, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to boost joy naturally. As it turns out, the foods we eat have a lot to say about our overall happiness. Here are 14 foods that boost serotonin, endorphins and other happiness hormones in the body naturally. 1. Asparagus As one … Read more 14 Foods To Boost Your Happiness Hormones