5 Awful Ways a Lack of Sleep Affects your Face

Tired, slow and no motivation.

Those are the things you face when you have had a bad night’s rest. And most of us have found an easy solution against this, caffeine!

Yes For most of us caffeine help us combat the fatigue a sleepless night brings.

This means you can continue binge watch your favorite show at night, right?

Well in theory yes. But your appearance will suffer from it.

Most of the time you will read about the importance of sleep and the following benefits

  • It will calm you down mentally and physically. Having healthy sleep will give your body the needed rest it needs to be calm and ready for the next day.
  • Sharper mind. During the restorative sleep your brain organizes it all had learn during the day and rests to get ready for the next day
  • Live longer. Your mind and muscles get more time to rest and repair during the restorative sleep. This in turn will give you a longer life span.
  • Healthy weight. Because a lack of sleep increases the levels of hormones that trigger the hunger feeling. Your body will also store more fat when have sleep problems. That’s why a healthy sleep is important for your weight.

But today I want to outline the side effects a lack of sleep can have. To be more precise you are going to see the side effects a lack of sleep can have on your face.

But don’t be feared, most of the times you can fix all these side effects by getting more sleep. Without further ado here are the 5 awful ways a lack of sleep affects your face.

Fabian Tjong is the founder of Napseason, a sleeping blog dedicated to provide Insomnia care advice and sleep science information. Check the latest article about the best body pillows. You can find him on Twitter and Pinterest

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