5 Body Parts You Are Not Washing Enough!

Are you always in a rush in the morning? If yes, this could mean that you might be taking short shower before you head out to work. This is not an issue but regular quick showers can lead to buildup of bacteria in many parts of your body. It is easy to skip the back of your ears or in between your toes. As these parts are not being washed regularly, dirt and bacteria can buildup. These are the parts of your body that you need to wash more often.

1. Behind your ears

If you do not wash your hair on a particular day you are also not cleaning the area behind your ears. This part of your body can collect bacteria and dirt. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous gland present in this area to the skin moist but this secretion can cause rank smell. Use a cotton swab to clean the area behind your ears even when you are not washing your hair.

2. Under your fingernails

It is important to wash your hands to prevent the spread of diseases and avoid falling sick. However, are you washing your handing properly? You also need to wash underneath your finger nails. According to a study conducted at Aston University in 2007, nail clippings of 24 percent of the male participants and 15 percent of the female participants had harmful bacteria. Bacteria under your fingernails can lead to diseases like diarrhea.

3. Your belly button

Belly button or the navel is probably the most ignored part of the body. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will not only lead to buildup of dirt but also bacteria. The dark, moist environment of the belly button is ideal for breeding of bacteria. The breeding of bacteria can cause foul smell and infections.  Always dry your belly button with your towel after a shower and clean it with a cotton swab.

4. Scalp

People use shampoo to clean their hair but hardly make an effort to clean their scalp. The skin of your head contains many oil and sweat glands. You need to clean your scalp to prevent the formation of flakes and dandruff. Massage your scalp with some oil and then while washing your hair, scrub your scalp for a couple of minutes.

5. Between your toes

The area between your toes can be quite dirty as it is another part of your body that is usually neglected. Not cleaning between your toes can cause dirt and bacteria buildup. It can also lead to foul smell. Wash your toes and between them regularly. Dry it with your towel and then sprinkle some talcum powder if there is a foul smell. You can also go for a pedicure.

Make sure to use a soap that is suitable for you. Maintaining hygiene will help you to stay away from illness.

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