5 Health Benefits of Low-Carb Diet

Studies have reported that a high carb diet can be harmful for your health. In a recent study, it was once again established that following a diet that is low on carbs can prove very beneficial for your health. According to the study, if you are consuming a ketogenic diet that includes eating low-carb foods, that might help in increasing your life span and will also improve one’s physical strength with time. The study was conducted on mice and that proved that it increase life span to up to 13 per cent which wilt be approximately 10 years for the average person. Here are some benefits of changing to a low-carb diet.

It helps in losing weight
Since  a diet like ketogenic diet is more about fats than carbs, it kills your appetite which means you won’t be hungry too often. This indirectly helps in losing weight rapidly. People on low-carb diet lose weight faster than hose on low-fat diet.

Increased levels of HDL which is the good cholesterol
It is a known fact that low-carb diets increases HDL which is a kind of cholesterol. Now before you think cholesterol is bad, this is good cholesterol that should be high in your body because it reduces your risk of heart disease. And to have high levels of this good cholesterol it is  important eat foods that are low in carbs and to eat more fat.

Lowers your blood pressure to a normal level
If you are looking to control your blood pressure levels in the long run, start eating foods that are low in carbs. People with chronically high blood pressure should follow a low-cab diet to lower the levels because we all know that high BP can be fatal.

Deals with metabolic syndrome effectively
For the uninitiated, metabolic syndrome is a set of many diseases related to the heart specially. If you want to fight metabolic -syndrome naturally, the best thing to do is start following a strict low-carb diet. Heart stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure are some of the diseases that fall under this syndrome

Improves your mood
Low-carb diets also boosts a person’s mood and gives positive feelings. Any struggle with depression, mood disorder or stress can be dealt with this one diet.

So if you ever plan to diet, you know what to do. A low-carb diet is the best for your health and you will stay fit and healthy.

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