5 Overlooked Factors that Affect Your Happiness at Home

While we all know that home should be a place that makes us feel good, for some of us, coming home at the end of the day is more stressful and disheartening than comforting and relaxing. If this feeling seems familiar to you, there just might be a way to help you out of that at-home funk. Here are five of the most overlooked factors of your home that affect your happiness.


I don’t know about you, but an untidy, cluttered space sends my blood pressure through the roof. Thankfully, this first point is easily remedied. If you don’t have them already, invest in one or two pieces of multifunctional furniture for your living spaces to help you store all your excess stuff. At Modernize, we love entertainment units with hidden compartments for consoles, books, DVDs, and board games. This kind of furniture will be invaluable to you (and particularly useful if you have a family) and, coupled with a few storage baskets and a lot of motivation to organize, will dramatically increase your positivity when you walk into a room.


It might go without saying, but a place that smells bad is not a place you want to spend much of your time. Unfortunately for those of us who struggle to feel happy at home, a house is full of potential odor culprits. Eliminate most of the bad smells throughout your home with regular cleaning and special attention to detail in bathroom and kitchen areas, but give your olfactory system an extra boost with fresh, calming scents throughout the house. We love diffusing high quality essential oils because they offer a toxin- and chemical-free alternative to traditional candles and diffusers while making your home smell (and feel) great.


If you’re anything like me (and hopefully many others out there), keeping plants alive is not at the top of your list of skills. But, if you’re willing to try, a few leafy green plants and bouquets can do double duty for your happiness at home. In addition to looking lovely while they last, many green plants can actually increase the air quality in your home and therefore give you better oxygen to breathe. As an added bonus, greenery in the home can help you psychologically, reminding you that there is life regardless of the weather outside. So take a deep breath and get planting.


Workplace style lighting can feel oppressive enough in the office, so make sure to stay away from fluorescent and incandescent lights in your home if you want to brighten your mood (pun definitely intended). Just make sure not to swing too far the other way, as a too-dark home will leave you feeling sleepy, unmotivated, and low. We recommend switching out all your old lamp and overhead light bulbs and replacing with energy efficient LED lights throughout the house. Your eyes, and your energy bill, will thank you. What’s not to feel happy about?

Personal touches

While this might seem like the most obvious thing to consider when assessing your home’s comfort factor, personal effects often get forgotten after all the other decorating has been done. Make this simple but effective change in your home by choosing a few photographs, keepsakes, and other knickknacks that remind you of loved ones and pleasant experiences and accessorizing accordingly. You don’t have to be as skilled as Joanna Gaines here to achieve home decor success; I promise, it will do the trick. Keep the most sentimental pieces for the room or rooms where you spend the most time and you will be more likely to have happy memories more often than not.

This article was written by Kaitlin Krull

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