5 Reasons to Drink Wine Every Day

Wine has been in use for a long time as a cure for many ailments and as a digestive aid. Yes, drinking alcohol is considered hazardous, but in moderation, it can be beneficial for your health. Here are some health benefits of red wine.

The deep burgundy color, the aroma and the woody and fruity flavor of this red variety have captivated many since ancient times. Wine is made by crushing dark-colored grapes and fermenting it in oak or stainless steel vat. Grape skin, seeds and juice are mixed together for fermentation along with a specific yeast strain. It has been in use for ages as a digestive aid and as medicine to cure many diseases. According to some studies, drinking it moderately can lower the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. However, other studies couldn’t confirm these results. Excessive drinking is hazardous for you and is associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, cancer and stroke but drinking moderately can be beneficial. Here are five health benefits of drinking wine.

1. Lowers mortality rate

According to a study conducted over a period of 29 years in Finland, the mortality rate in wine drinkers was 34 percent lower than spirit or beer drinkers. Drinking wine promotes longevity.

2. Increases omega-3 fatty acid levels

Wine increases the level of omega-3 fatty acid in red blood cells and plasma better than other alcoholic drinks. According to a study, the level of omega-3 fatty acids was high in those who drank wine moderately. Wine triggered the increase in omega-3 acids, which protects you from heart disease.

3. Lowers the risk of dementia

Drinking wine can slow down the brain decline. According to a study conducted by Columbia University, the rate of brain function decline was faster in non-drinkers as compared to moderate drinkers. As per another research, the chances of developing dementia are 23 per cent less in moderate drinkers of wine.

4. Lowers the risk of colon cancer

As per a research conducted by Stony Brook University over a period of four years, drinking wine moderately can lower the risk colon cancer by 45 percent. The study included 2,291 individuals and it was published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

5. Lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes

The skin of the red grapes contains a compound called resveratrol, which improves the sensitivity to insulin. According to a study conducted at VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes was 30 percent less in moderate drinkers as compared to non-drinkers.

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