5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Your Earwax

People use cotton swabs to clean their ear wax, everyone has done it at some point. It is habitual like brushing your teeth. However, health care professionals advise people against using a cotton swab to clean ears. Ear wax is a natural substance produced by your ears to protect itself from dust, microorganisms, water and foreign particles. Using a cotton swab to remove it can lead to injuries and other problems. Here are some reasons you should avoid using cotton swabs to clean your ears.

1. Cotton swabs push down the wax
Use of a cotton swab to clean the outer part of your ears is fine but when you use them to clean the inner part of your ears, you are pushing it deeper into the ear canal. Sometimes, with the earwax, you are also pushing down foreign particles present in the wax. You are also driving the wax against the eardrum. This can lead to problems like ear pain and loss of hearing. By using a cotton swab you are creating more issues.

2. Ears have a mechanism to remove the wax
Your ears have its own mechanism for cleaning. Usually, your ears get cleaned when you take a shower as water and soap enter your ears and loosen the accumulated ear wax. The loosened wax comes out on its own. The skin present in your ears grows in a spiral pattern so when the dead skin is shed, your ear wax also comes out with it. The wax is also pushed out due to your jaw movements like chewing, yawning and talking.

3. Ear wax protects the ears
Ear wax is there for a reason. It protects your ear canal from dust, microorganism and foreign particles. It also lubricates the skin of your ears and prevents infections due to its antibacterial properties.

4. cotton swabs can lead to earwax blockage
Using a cotton swab can block your ears. Earwax blockage can lead to dizziness, itching, loss of hearing and pain in the ears.

5. Excessive removal of ear wax can lead to dryness
As mentioned earlier, ear wax also lubricates the skin of your ears. So, when you remove the wax, the skin becomes dry and itchy. Your ears will also be more prone to infections.

Do not use cotton swabs or any other material to clean your inner ears, instead visit a doctor for cleaning.


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