5 Varicose Veins Home Remedies

Varicose veins also known as spider veins occur when pressure is placed on blood vessels or veins resulting in pooling of the blood and bulging of the veins.

The appearance of varicose veins happens is seen when the vein is not functioning properly or becomes weak. Veins have one-way valves that prevent blood from flowing backwards.

When these valves fail, blood begins to collect in the vein rather than continuing toward your heart.

Varicose veins often affect the legs, since they are the farthest from the heart and gravity makes it harder for the blood to flow upward.

Some potential causes for this include:

  • obesity
  • pregnancy
  • standing for long periods of time
  • inactivity
  • hormone imbalance

The good news is there are all natural home remedies that are highly effective.

Top Foods for Varicose Vein Treatment

Here are the top food that can help reduce the appearance of these veins:

  • High fiber foods – Help relieve constipation that can cause unnecessary pressure on the veins.  Aim for 30-40 grams of fiber daily.
  • Flax and Chia seeds – provide fiber and omega-3 fats which can help reduce stress on the veins.
  • Berries – Blueberries and raspberries provide flavonoids that can help strengthen veins.
  • Cayenne pepper – This superb herb is high in capsaicin which helps improve circulation.
  • Vitamin E – Helps prevent blood clots and improves circulation. Foods high in vitamin E include almonds, sunflower seeds and green leafy vegetables.

Foods that Cause Spider Veins

  • Trans fats – These fats worsen circulation and increase inflammation.
  • Sugar – Leads to weight gain and inflammation.
  • Caffeine – Is dehydrating and can worsen varicose veins.
  • Alcohol  – Can be inflammatory and dehydrating.
  • Refined and processed foods – These foods provide little nutritional value and may increase toxins in the body, worsening varicose veins.

Top 5 Varicose Veins Natural Remedies

#1 Horse chestnut (100 mg daily)

Helps strengthen veins and can help reduce swelling.

#2 Butcher’s broom (200 mg daily)

Can reduce inflammation of the veins.

#3 Grape seed extract (200 mg daily)

Helps strengthen the vein wall.

#4 Bilberry (160 mg 2x daily)

Proven to increase circulation.

#5 Vitamin E (400 IU daily)

Acts as a natural blood thinner.

Bonus Remedy

Topically putting on witch hazel and apple cider vinegar can decrease appearance of varicose veins.

Essential Oils for Varicose Veins

Cypress essential oil is one of the best natural treatments for reducing varicose veins.  Cypress has the ability to increase circulation and support the circulatory system. Rub 5 drops of cypress oil on the problematic area 2x daily.

By: Josh Axe

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Josh Axe

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