5 Ways To Eat More Fruit And Vegetables

The fact is most people just aren’t getting enough healthy fruit and vegetables in their diets. Try as we might, it can be hard to get that balance perfect, and unhealthy meals are so very tempting that, combined with a general lack of time, we often opt for something that we shouldn’t, and the good stuff gets left out. However, because it’s so important for everyone’s health, here are some great ways to ensure that you eat more fruit and vegetables.

Breakfast Time

If you find that you’re having trouble getting your recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, it’s easy to slip some extras in at breakfast time. It’s delicious too. Eating breakfast is important because it kickstarts your metabolism ready for the day, gets your mind active, and helps to maintain your weight, so adding some fruit to it is a great idea. You could stir fresh or frozen berries, slices of banana, or dried fruit into a bowl of yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal, for example, or you could mix up a fruit smoothie – ideal if you have to have breakfast on the go. If you’ve got a bit more time, have an omelet with extra mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes in it. Plus don’t forget your fresh fruit juice!

Take Double

A good piece of advice for ensuring that you get enough vegetables in your diet is to double any amount that you see in a recipe. It doesn’t matter what the dish is, or which vegetables you are using; if you double up, then you are sure to get enough of the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Buy In Bulk And Freeze

If you like to buy fresh fruit and vegetables but only have time to go to the store once a week or so, you might find that you waste a lot of the food you buy because it goes bad before you have a chance to use it. There’s a solution for that. Next time you go to the store, buy as many fruits and vegetables as you can in bulk. Anything that you’re not going to be able to use up, you can freeze. It’s perfectly possible to freeze any fruit or vegetables and use them at a later date.

Embrace Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday’ is an international campaign that is becoming more and more popular. It’s all about cutting out the meat on just one day a week. If you embrace this idea, you can pile up your plate with more vegetables instead of the meat item that you would normally have cooked up. It doesn’t have to be on a Monday, of course – just pick the day that is most convenient for you. If you’re running low on ideas, just search online, and you’ll find thousands of meat-free recipes.

Be Adventurous

Being adventurous with your vegetables and fruit can work especially well if you have children who can be fairly fussy when it comes to trying new things. Take it in turns to pick a different fruit or vegetable each week and include it in a dish. You can discuss what you thought, and if you liked it, you could resolve to use it a lot more in your cooking.

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