5 Worst Sex Tips That You Should Just Ignore

If you love your sex life and don’t want to ruin it, then these are the 5 sex tips that you should turn a deaf ear to.

Couples in love always keep getting tips and advice from people around about sex and relationships. Most of this advice comes from friends and some of it comes from reading stuff online. Since friends are just like family, we tend to believe everything they say. However, there are some tips that you seriously need to ignore. Last time we told you how you should avoid some relationship advice. This time we tell you some of the worst sex tips ever that deserve to be ignored. Doesn’t matter where this sex tip came from- it should be not followed at any cost. Wondering what are these sex tips? Read to know.

Bite the scrotum because it is sexy

Ask men and they will definitely disagree. Biting the scrotum is never sexy and whoever told you this has clearly never tried it before. You can use your tongue and fingers, but never bite that area. And however gently you do it, it is not acceptable. Men do not like it.

Use your phone vibrator when your toy doesn’t work

Do not attempt this. This is weird and gross. If your sex toy does not work or if the batteries have drained out just get new ones. Do not substitute it with your phone or electric toothbrush.

Move his penis around while thrusting

Some women go wild and just move the penis around while thrusting. If you are not careful, it might break his penis bone. If any of your female friends have given you this tip you know what to do- Ignore.

Ejaculate on the woman’s face or inside her mouth

Now we call this as one of the worst sex tips ever, because men don’t realize that this should be done only with permission. You cannot catch your girl by surprise by suddenly cumin on her face or inside her mouth. It is wrong. So if you have ever received this tip, make sure you have a discussion with your girl before you actually do it.

Using any kind of sauces or ice creams in the dark

Using chocolate sauce or ice creams during sex looks sexy in movies and porn. Try doing it for real and you will see how messy it is. If you are okay to wash up the mess later that also includes your bed sheets, go ahead. If not, think twice before you experiment with something like this.

If you have ever come across these sex tips, just ignore them. There are several other ways to spice up your sex life, you don’t need the above mentioned methods.

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