6 tricks that can reverse sciatica pain and soreness in minutes

Your sciatic nerve runs from your lower spine down to your feet, providing you with the abilities and strength your body needs to function properly.

Pain in the sciatic nerve is difficult to pinpoint and it’s hard to relieve sciatic pain because the nerve encompasses so much of your body. Sometimes it can be disguised as lower back pain, joint pain and pain in your legs and feet. The pain can range from a dull ache to a sharp, burning sensation.

In my experience, the following list can make a huge impact on sciatic nerve pain, especially when used together consistently!

1. Ice ice ice!

Never underestimate the power of icing your injuries! I recommended using a scarf or a tenser bandage so that you can wrap an ice pack comfortably around the affected area. Apply the ice for about 15-20 minutes once every 1-2 hours if possible!

Don’t forget to put a cloth or paper towel in between your skin and ice so you don’t burn your skin!

2. Warm yourself up

After icing your trouble area, immediately apply a warm compress. Heat penetrates deeper than the ice so it can reach the sciatic nerve more effectively. The combination of both cold and hot compress triggers extra circulation.

3. Acupuncture

This alternative treatment is excellent for sciatic pain because it targets your nerve and muscle pain. The extremely thin needles promote energy flow and circulation by relieving the pressure and pinches of nerve pain; this allows your body to heal properly.

4. Massages

If you have the time and know a reputable massage therapist, then get a massage for your sciatic pain! The International Journal of Neuroscience states that a massage can increase range of motion and drastically reduce sciatic pain.

Massaging also stimulates circulation, which aids in your body’s natural healing process.

5. Stretching

Watching TV? Waiting to pick up your kids? At the park with your dog? Stretch! Stretching can increase blood flow and circulation, and strengthen your large muscles and the accessory muscles that contribute toward your overall physical strength.

When your body is strong you’re less likely to experience future sciatic nerve pain, so stretching can act as a treatment and a prevention strategy!

 6. Sit up straight!

This heading may give you flashbacks to your childhood, but your parents’ strict rules may have had some merit to them! Rolling your shoulders back and sitting up straight is better for your circulation. Keeping your body out of a hunched position will lower your chances of pinching a nerve!

An extra tip for bedtime is, when you’re sleeping on your back, try putting a pillow under your knees and when you sleep on your side, put a pillow in between your knees. In both cases the pillow will relieve pressure from your lower back, which is the most common place to experience sciatic nerve pain.

If you’ve ever experienced nerve pain, you know the horrible burden it can be! By adding these simple activities to your daily life you can avoid sciatic pain and mend existing nerve damage.

Remember, prevention is the best policy, so don’t wait around until the pain starts, be proactive and use this list to avoid sciatic nerve pain all together!

Article republished with permission: Article originally posted on HealthyHolisticLiving.com

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