7 powerful herbs that burn fat while you sleep

I have learned that we should always look first to Mother Nature for the best solution. And fat loss is no different. But I have to admit — I am very skeptical of weight loss products because of the ridiculous “miracle-cure” claims hucksters have been making for years. The dangerous substances they tout can leave you jittery, cause your blood pressure to skyrocket and make your heart race. The reality is there is NO miracle substance or pill that will make you skinny overnight. Everyone wants it, but it just does NOT exist. But my experience using natural ingredients to safely treat other conditions told me a safe, effective, natural way to boost metabolism, burn fat and enhance fat loss was possible.

And that’s precisely what I uncovered.

When you gently stimulate your metabolism to work more efficiently to hrlp burn fat, a little bit of fat gets trimmed off daily. Week by week, this can really add up!

After researching and testing hundreds of natural substances, I was able to narrow it down to the 7 most effective that I like to call the Magnificent 7 Metabolic Enhancers…

Each one helps unblock and strengthen one or more of those 3 critical steps necessary for fat loss…

Metabolic Enhancer #1: The Fat Unlocker…

Coleus forskohlii, also known as forskolin, is an ancient herb that helps stimulate enzymes that break up stubborn fat locked in those greedy fat cells, so it can be sent off to be burned.

And by helping improve thyroid function, which not only helps transport fat to your cellular fat burning furnaces, it helps make sure they will be burning white-hot when the fat gets there.

It’s so effective, it has been cited in more than 5,000 clinical studies27. One study showed that it decreased body fat by 11% AND added 6% more lean, toned muscle.

Metabolic Enhancer #2: The Fat Storage Stopper…

Chromium picolinate is a unique form of the mineral chromium that can help you better utilize your own natural insulin – so you need less of it.

This is critical, because insulin is your #1 fat storage hormone and tells your body to store more fat and to stop burning it. So the less you need of it, the better.

In fact, studies show chromium picolinate can reduce the amount of insulin you produce by one-third. It is very difficult to lose fat unless you have this fat-STORING hormone under control.

Metabolic Enhancer #3: The Cravings Killer…

Found in Siberia’s mountains, rhodiola rosea’s greatest ability is to tame your stress-hormone cortisol – a major culprit behind stubborn fat.

Not only can cortisol cause cravings, it can trigger fat gain, especially around your belly and other trouble spots.

If you eat when you get stressed or anxious, this could be the missing link to reshaping your body. One study even showed that, compared to the control group, rhodiola more than doubled the fat loss.

Metabolic Enhancer #4: The Hunger Halter…

When you eat, the “I’m full” message is sent to your brain in part by the hormone leptin. But sometimes, that message doesn’t get through – so you don’t know when to stop eating!

Fortunately, irvingia gabonensis, an extract from the seeds of an African fruit, can INCREASE your responsiveness to this hormone. So you feel fuller sooner.

Not only did one study find that it triggered an average weight loss of 12.3 pounds in just 30 days, it also helped support healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Metabolic Enhancer #5: The Metabolism Stoker…

Green tea extract is getting a lot of good press lately and for good reason: it really IS fantastic. Because it can help offset the slowdown in metabolism we all experience as we age.

In other words, it can help you burn fat like a kid again! It can even increase your resting metabolic rate, so you literally burn more fat while you sleep!

In one study, participants lost 10% of their body fat in just 12 weeks – nearly 3 times more than the control group.

Metabolic Enhancer #6: The Blood Sugar Supporter…

The tasty spice cinnamon actually mimics the effects of insulin. So you need less of the hormone that makes your fat literally stick around.

This helps support healthy blood sugar levels and helps put the brakes on both fat-making and fat-storing, opening the doors to fat loss.

A landmark 2003 study demonstrated that a single gram of cinnamon daily could help maintain healthy blood sugar AND cholesterol levels.

Metabolic Enhancer #7: The Sugar Neutralizer…

Green coffee bean extract can help reduce how much sugar you absorb from the food you eat.37 Less sugar means less insulin — AND less fat making.

I hate over-hyped claims, so I was thrilled when researchers decided to investigate the incredible claims behind this “hot” new fat burner.

After analyzing multiple studies, they were shocked to find that, on average, those taking green coffee bean extract lost 174% more weight than those taking the placebo.38 Despite the hype, it actually does work.

What Happens When You Combine All 7 Metabolism-Enhancers? The results will be outstanding. All seven of the natural products we identified above can help you lose weight.

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