8 Ways To Use Vitamin E For Wrinkles

As we age, our skin loses its firmness, elasticity and moisture which increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apart from the natural aging process, factors like makeup, environmental pollutants, sun exposure and others can lead to the formation of wrinkles at a younger age.

For example makeup or environmental impurities accumulate on the skin during the day, penetrate deep into the skin pores and cause damage to elastin and collagen. This eventually causes fine lines and wrinkles. Similarly, UV rays in sun light are responsible for wrinkle formation.

Though wrinkles are a natural phenomenon, it is possible to delay or restrict their appearance. Commercial anti-wrinkles creams contain harsh chemicals that may have adverse side effects and procedures like facelifts or laser therapy are painful and take several months to heal.

Over 70% of deaths worldwide are related to non-communicable diseases (NCD) and they devastate individuals, families, communities, and country healthcare systems.

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Fortunately, natural remedies like vitamin E, lemon, coconut oil or egg white are inexpensive solutions for treating wrinkles. In this article, we will have a detailed look at vitamin E oil for wrinkles.

What Makes Vitamin E Effective for Wrinkles?

  • Tocopherol, a form of Vitamin E, boosts collagen production in the skin and helps it look younger, by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Damage caused by sun’s UV rays create harmful free radicals which tend to cause skin aging.
  • Vitamin E is a rich lipid-soluble antioxidant which neutralizes the free radicals and prevents wrinkle formation.
  • Dryness is also one of the common trigger for wrinkles. The moisturizing property of Vitamin E helps to prevent wrinkles by hydrating the skin and making it look moist and supple.
  • It supports the production of elastin, an important structural protein which is necessary for skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Due to its capability of speeding up cell regeneration, it creates an anti-aging effect, making the skin look younger and wrinkles appear lighter.
  • Vitamin E also promotes blood circulation, ensuring efficient transport of good nutrients into skin cells. This promotes collagen production and reduction of wrinkle formation.

How to Use Vitamin E for Wrinkles?

Vitamin E can be used in different ways to treat wrinkles. It can either be used directly as Vitamin E oil obtained from capsules, or in a combination with other natural ingredients. For your convenience, we have listed the methods with a step-by-step by process below.

Note: For all the methods below, make sure you wash the affected areas of the skin with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser before application. Pat the skin dry with a soft cotton towel and do not rub too hard.

1. Direct Application of Vitamin E Oil

  • Puncture two Vitamin E capsules with a clean pin and squeeze the oil out.
  • Use your fingertips to gently apply this oil on affected skin.
  • Gently massage the oil into the skin with circular motions for 3 – 4 minutes.
  • Leave it on overnight.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water in the morning.
  • Repeat daily before bedtime.

2. Vitamin E Oil and Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains 96% of water which helps to hydrate the skin and prevent wrinkles. Apart from that, it also improves skin elasticity, heals damage caused by UV rays and stimulates skin cell regeneration.

  • Combine vitamin E oil of 2 capsules and 1 teaspoon of fresh aloe vera gel or juice.
  • Using finger tips, gently massage the mixture onto the affected areas in circular motions for few minutes.
  • Leave it on for about half an hour.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water and pat the skin dry.
  • Repeat on a daily basis.

3. Vitamin E Oil, Honey, Yogurt and Lemon Juice

Honey helps to hydrate the skin and protects it from damaging toxins. Yogurt improves the elasticity and moisture content of treated skin. Lemon juice works towards tightening pores, bleaching age spots and preventing wrinkles.

  • Extract the oil from 3 Vitamin E capsules.
  • In a bowl, add ½ teaspoon honey, ½ teaspoon lemon juice, 2 teaspoons yogurt and vitamin E oil.
  • Stir well and apply it on the face using your fingertips.
  • Allow it to stay on for about 20 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash it off and pat skin dry.
  • Follow this process every day.

4. Vitamin E Oil and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very rich in essential fats, nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. It helps to prevent early signs of wrinkles and skin aging.

  • Squeeze the oil out from 1 Vitamin E capsule.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to it.
  • Gently massage the mixture onto affected area.
  • Let it stay on for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash off with water and pat skin dry.
  • Repeat twice daily for best results.

Note: For more effectiveness, add 2 drops of lavender oil into the mixture. Lavender oil helps the mixture to penetrate deeper into the skin and increase blood flow to skin tissues.

5. Vitamin E Oil and Olive Oil

Olive oil nourishes and moisturizes the wrinkled skin, in order to keep the elasticity and firmness intact. It is rich in anti-oxidants which fight against the skin damaging free radicals.

  • Combine ¼ teaspoon of Vitamin E oil and ¼ teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Apply mixture on the affected areas of skin before bedtime.
  • Massage in circular motions gently for 2-3 minutes and leave it on overnight.
  • Rinse off in the morning with cool water.
  • Repeat the procedure regularly.

6. Vitamin E Oil and Vitamin C Oil

Vitamin C helps to fight against harmful free radicals which can damage skin tissues, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, preventing wrinkle formation in the long run.

  • Combine 1/4 teaspoon each of Vitamin E oil and vitamin C oil.
  • Gently massage the mixture onto the affected skin.
  • Leave it on for about 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with water and pat skin dry.
  • Repeat the process daily.

7. Vitamin E Oil, Rosewater, Turmeric and Honey

Rosewater is a great cleanser and helps unclog the skin pores. Turmeric is an excellent exfoliating agent which can be effective in eliminating age spots and other signs of skin aging. (10) Honey retards wrinkle formation by acting as a soothing humectant and regulating the pH of the skin.

  • Combine 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin E oil, 1/2 teaspoon rosewater, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and 1 teaspoon honey.
  • Mix the ingredients together into a fine paste.
  • Apply this paste onto the affected areas.
  • Allow it to stay on for 15-20 minutes.
  • Use cool water to wash it off and pat dry.
  • Repeat the application every day.
    Note: This process is especially useful for wrinkles and lines formed on the forehead.

8. Vitamin E Smoothie

Drinking green, Vitamin E rich smoothies work to reduce wrinkle formation to a considerable extent.

  • Add 1 cup of spinach, ½ banana (ripe), 2 tablespoons avocado and 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds to a blender.
  • Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 1 cup almond milk.
  • Blend together.
  • Add ½ cup crushed ice and blend again until smooth.
  • Drink daily for best results.

Tips and Precautions
If you are using Vitamin E oil or any of its combinations on your face or taking it as supplement, it is better to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Instant or overnight results are not going to appear, even with daily usage of Vitamin E. Repeated, regular application over a couple of months should yield observable improvements that are long-lasting.
  • For people with oily skin, using Vitamin E oil daily as a topical application may clog the pores and lead to various skin ailments like acne. Due to its greasiness, it is more suitable for people with dry and wrinkly skin.
  • It is always advisable to test for any allergic reaction (inflammation, itchiness or redness) before including Vitamin E into your daily routine.

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