Heart Health Improved by these 5 Foods


You’ve seen the ads: “Tone your abs—just five minutes a day!” and “Tone your legs with this simple, everyday workout!” Well, as grating as they may be after repeated viewing, their message does have value. When we “tone” our muscles, we nourish them and bolster their strength. Generally speaking, a daily or frequent workout can … Read more

What is diverticulosis and What does it look like?

My doctor just diagnosed me with diverticulitis. What does this mean, and how can I treat this condition naturally? Diverticular diseases have become very common in the US, especially among the over-50 set, so you’re certainly not alone. People often develop diverticulosis, a condition characterized by small, pouch-like herniations called diverticula in the lining of … Read more

Calm Mind, Clear Skin

tree oil treats many issues

At age 16, Dawn Montefusco developed a serious case of psoriasis that covered 85 percent of her body in itchy, red scales. Her doctor dashed her hopes of an easy cure for clear skin, telling her she’d most likely have the autoimmune disease the rest of her life. “I was a sophomore in high school, … Read more

Heal Thyself—Kidney Support

Are you looking for information about kidney dialysis?

Dialysis is a surrogate for the crucial function of filtering waste from the blood that is usually gone by our kidney. Without this technology, toxic wastes build up in the blood and tissues and cannot be filtered out by the ailing kidneys. This condition is known as uremia, literally meaning “urine in the blood.” Eventually … Read more

Natural Radiance—Spider Veins

Even the name sounds ugly. Bluish, purple starbursts of tiny veins tend to creep up on us unnoticed and then surprise us in summer, just as we gear up to show off that new bathing suit. Spider veins, similar to varicose veins, only smaller and closer to the skin’s surface, appear when blood pools in the … Read more

Could Alzheimer’s be Preventable!

Does this impact Alzheimer's?

A new study from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston offers important insight into how Alzheimer’s disease begins within the brain. The researchers found a relationship between inflammation, a toxic protein and the onset of the disease. The study also identified a way that doctors can detect early signs of Alzheimer’s by looking … Read more

This plant is shown to reverse diabetes

Hunger suddenly strikes. You need food, and you need it now. You rummage for that long-lost candy bar buried somewhere in your desk—anything to get a sugar fix. That rapid rise in blood glucose, along with the attendant release of the “feel-good” hormone serotonin, may make you feel better in the short term, but when your … Read more

Probiotics could be the end of all your stomach problems

Are probiotics part of your regular routine?

Its name isn’t sexy, and neither are its living arrangements. Probiotics, which are live microorganisms (read bacteria) that are added to your gut, sound like some sort of squirming critter you’d rather steer clear of. But because of their supposed powers to soothe stomachs and boost immunity, probiotics have become increasingly popular. And that’s a … Read more