Detox Done Right

Extreme cleanses can deplete your body. Here are three safer ways to lose weight, gain energy, and flush out toxins. A detox for your body can sound like a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to do all they can to remove toxins from their system? A detox can have a big impact on your body, … Read more

White Wine is Also Heart Healthy

drinking white wine is healthy

Anyone with a regular inclination for cabernet or Chianti must have breathed a booze-infused sigh of relief at some point over the past decade, as recent studies have shown that a moderate amount of red wine has major health benefits, including helping to protect the heart, thwart certain cancers, slow the effects of aging, and … Read more

Top 5 Cleansing Questions

a natural cleaning process

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed of using a juice fast to lose your love handles or compensate for holiday excesses. You’re not alone. Americans spend more than $100 million on cleansing and detoxifying products in an effort to lose weight, gain energy, or purify themselves of harmful toxins, according to market research firm … Read more

6 Unique Food Tastes s to Eliminate Cravings

Six food tastes to reduce cravings

The six-taste ticket to good health You may know the three primary colors, the eight notes in a musical scale, and the nine planets circling our sun, but can you list the six fundamental tastes in food? According to Ayurveda, the healing tradition from ancient India, eating all six food tastes can balance your body, eliminate … Read more

5 Every Day Superfruits to Maximize Your Nutrient Intake

Gobi berry is one of our five favorite superfruits

The term “superfruits” might make you think of cape-clad produce ready to leap to your nutritional rescue. In fact, many marketers want you to believe that mysterious fruits like mangosteens and goji berries have magical health-boosting properties. However, most superfruits are more like Clark Kent than his alter ego: We walk past them—oranges, strawberries, blueberries, … Read more

4 Foods That Can Improve Skin and Gut Health

food to protect your skin

Strawberry lip balms, kiwi facemasks, peach hand lotions—small wonder your beauty products smell good enough to eat. The product names themselves announce the starring role real foods like fruit juice, oatmeal, avocado, and even chocolate increasingly play in skincare products these days. The reason? Some foods benefit you just as much rubbed on the skin … Read more

3 Aspects of Holistic Care for People with Dementia

When you love someone with dementia, you want to give them the best life possible. It can often be difficult to know what to do for the best, and, nowadays, more and more people are looking to holistic care to help people with dementia live healthy and meaningful lives. If that’s something you’re considering, here … Read more

6 Alkaline Foods For Vibrant Health

All food in nature contain both acid and alkaline-forming elements, balance is either achieved or thwarted as a direct result of the foods we choose to eat. Too many alkaline foods can have dire consequences for our health, with “acidosis” being a common diagnosis in diabetics, for example. This is because when the nutrients required … Read more

6 Ways You’re Unnecessarily Aging Yourself

Can lifestyle slow down aging?

Growing older is something that, regardless of how we rail against it, simply cannot be helped. As the Earth continues its trek around the sun unabated, so do our cells continue to do the work of keeping us alive, and while our current age is a fact of life that’s out of our hands, how … Read more