6 All-Natural Ways to Prevent and Relieve Disruptive Menopause Symptoms

tips to handle menopause

Don’t let menopause catch you off-guard! Prevent and relieve disruptive symptoms with these all-natural tips. We all know how menopause affects a woman’s physical and mental health—hot flashes, insomnia, issues with concentration and memory, night sweats, and mood changes can create mayhem in the lives of even the most confident women. But did you know … Read more

Ridding the body of today’s toxins

cleaning toxins from our system

The human body performs countless amazing functions every day, so it should come as no surprise that it is perfectly capable of cleaning and filtering out impurities. However, because of the overwhelming amount of toxins that we are exposed to daily, many in the medical community agree that an internal cleanse is now essential for … Read more

5 Comfort Food Substitutes

what is your favorite comfort food?

Michael Smolensky, Ph.D., is acknowledged as one of the leading authorities in chronobiology, the science of how the body’s rhythms change throughout the course of the day, month, year, and lifetime. “There are basically four factors that affect our eating habits in the colder months,” Smolensky explains. First, as humans migrated north from the equator … Read more

Prevent Alzheimer’s with these Tips

Diet tips to fight Alzheimer's

At a recent Alzheimer’s Disease Conference, we presented groundbreaking new evidence based on recent clinical trials showing that specific nutritional interventions can significantly improve memory function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and those with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). This is exciting news, since AD is anticipated to be the largest health crisis of our … Read more

Avoid These 6 Things If You Don’t Want Wrinkles

Preventing wrinkles as we age

Certain foods can sap moisture and steal much-needed nutrients, damaging skin, creating wrinkles and helping to make you look older. Here’s what not to eat for a better-looking future. Greasy, fried foods are often full of trans fats and saturated fats, both which contribute to inflammation, says Kristin Hoppe, a nutrition consultant and natural chef … Read more

5 Powerful Nutrients to Fight Restless Leg Syndrome

are you impacted by restless legs syndrome

I feel like I have a toothache in my leg. There are bugs crawling around, deep in my muscles. These are just a few complaints of people who have restless leg syndrome (RLS), a neurological disorder typified by the irresistible urge to move your legs. Strangely enough, lying down or relaxing actually exacerbates the symptoms—which … Read more