Beating Bad Breath From Coffee!

Many of us like to indulge in a piping hot cup of coffee before starting their day. It is the fuel most people have early morning to kick start the proceedings. Although you enjoy the aroma and taste of this beverage, the smell of your breath afterwards is a downer. The bad breath associated with Coffee breath is caused by bacteria and when caffeine dries out your mouth and slows down the production of saliva, resulting in the bad odor. Many people avoid drinking coffee when socializing due to this reason. But the good news is that you can now enjoy your cup of coffee and avoid the dreaded coffee breath! Here are some tips to avoid coffee breath.

Chew Gum

The first thing that you can reach out for is chewing gum. It is one of the best and affordable solutions and it’s easily available. Chew your favorite mint flavored chewing gum. After your cup of coffee, toss a chewing gum in your mouth, it will prevent the acids in coffee from lingering on your teeth, fight the bacteria as well as whiten your teeth.

Gulp down water

Always drink lots of water before and after drinking coffee, this will help you a great deal to keep away the bad breath. The water that you gulp down will clean the bacteria that causes odor in your mouth. If you wish to try flavor infused water, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the water or drink fresh fruit infused water instead of plain water.

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Cut down sugar and milk

It is believed that sugar and milk results in the odor-causing bacteria. So you can cut down on sugar and milk in your coffee. And you can always replace sugar with a healthy substitute like honey. Try to avoid milk in you coffee, but if you wish to add milk, only add a little.

Eat an odor-neutralizing snack

You can avoid the bad breath by eating an odor-neutralizing snack like an apple or some parsley. Apple is said to eliminate the odor caused by the bacteria by producing more saliva. So when you eat an apple or a some fresh parsley leaves after coffee it will neutralize the odor of your breath.

Have some yogurt

Yogurt also has the odor-neutralizing power, so it helps to eliminate the odor causing smelly bacteria from your mouth after you drink your coffee and replaces it with good bacteria.

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