The Best 10 Workouts to Burn Belly Fat with No Running or Jogging

For those that need to lose a few pounds and tone the bodies but dislike cardio and sweating like this, must read this article. Try resistance workouts instead and be more enduring with more stamina.

A study recently found that resistance workouts changes metabolism and reverses alcoholic fatty liver. 53 people were divided in 2 groups; 1- doing squats and pushups 3 times in a week for 12 weeks and 2- did nothing.

After the 12 weeks, they got compared and the first group had more muscle and less fat, lowered levels of iron, fatty liver and insulin. So this is better for the metabolism!

We will show you the best workouts that always work. Also they can be done plain and make more muscle mass, slow aging and make you look hot!

These workouts are the best and are compound movements so they target more muscles at once. As soon as you make them, you will burn the fat the best.

1. Burpee

This is the main and makes better heart pumping. It burns more calories than cardio.

2. Pull up

Tones the back the best and it might be hard on the start, but with practice it will be amazing.

3. Squat

Basic movement for the butt and legs. Bodyweight squats are challenging and for more intensity add barbells and  dumb bells.

4. Push up

Makes the triceps and shoulders sculpted and stronger, also the upper chest stronger. The core gets toned too. do it anywhere and modify intensity.

5. Lunge

They make butt and thighs toned and strong, but hamstrings too. if you have knee pain, do glute bridge instead.

6. Spider crawl

Make better mobility in hips and toned core too.

7. Skater

Move as lateral plane is amazing for the knees and ankles. For more burn of calories, also jolt the joints and do minor jumping.

8. Plank

Amazing and effective. Makes the core strong, also transverse abdomen and removes back pain. Hold like this for a minute.

9. Jump rope

Skipping is amazing as replacement for running and also burns calories. Arms and legs will get toned too so do a phantom skip, pretend to jump rope and toss the rope from side to side.

10. Get up

The triceps and core will get engaged too and you will get a fat free toned abdomen.

All these workouts will give you the body you always needed. Just set aside 15 minutes daily and be healthier, slimmer, toned and strong. And an added tip, exercise can also provide an immunity boost!

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