Caring for a Loved One: How to Take Care of a Sick Person

When a loved one is poorly, you will more than likely want to do everything you can to take their discomfort away. Yet, you might not know the best ways to help your loved one get on the road to recovery. Provide your relative or friend with the best level of care by learning how to take care of a sick person.

A Comfortable Environment

Rest is an essential part of the recovery process, regardless of the illness they are experiencing. When caring for a loved one at home, ensure they can relax in a comfortable, quiet environment so that they can get some much-needed shut-eye. If a person is cold, keep them warm by placing a blanket over them. However, you should not cover a loved one if they have a fever.

Provide Plenty of Fluids

Dehydration can pose a serious risk to a loved one’s health, especially when unwell. It is important they consume plenty of fluids to help them get back on track, especially if they have a fever or diarrhea. There are various fluids your loved one can consume to improve their health, such as water, juice, or herbal tea. If they cannot manage to drink a lot of fluid in one sitting, try to give him or her small amounts often. Don’t forget to keep track of the number of liquids a loved one consumes to avoid dehydration.

Monitor Changes

Effectively care for a loved one by carefully monitoring their condition throughout the day, which will indicate whether they are feeling better or worse. Record their vital signs so you can make an informed decision before seeking medical attention. For example, monitor the following signs at least four times per day: temperature, heart rate, and breaths per minute. Also, keep track of the number of liquids they consume throughout the day, and the frequency of their urination and bowel movements, which could help a medical practitioner make an informed diagnosis.

Call a Doctor When Needed

Many people can often recover from illness without the need for prescription medication, as they might be suffering from a cold, virus or the flu. However, if you grow increasingly concerned for a loved one, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult a doctor for medical help. Thankfully, you don’t have to attend a practice either to seek medical attention, as doctors can make house calls at a convenient time for you. Simply contact Anywhere UrgentCare to skip long waiting times and receive immediate care.

Serve Comfort Food

If you want your loved one to get back on their feet as soon as possible, provide them with dishes filled with vitamins, minerals and protein. There is a reason people crave comfort food when sick, as they are often filled with the nutrients they need to recover from an illness.

For example, chicken noodle soup is the perfect dish to serve when a loved one is poorly, as the chicken will provide plenty of protein to increase their energy levels, noodles will ensure they feel fuller for longer, and vegetables are packed with antioxidants. If a loved one isn’t a fan of chicken noodle soup, try to provide him or her with nutrient-filled foods, such as fruit smoothies, soup, broth, porridge, or oatmeal.

Don’t Neglect Their Hygiene

Sick people must remain clean to avoid developing an infection or a more serious illness. If a loved one is severely ill, they may have difficulty washing or bathing themselves. It is, therefore, your responsibility to maintain a good level of cleanliness to increase both their health and comfort. Care for a loved one by washing them with soap, warm water and a flannel, and don’t forget to change their bedding every day to eradicate germs and bacteria within the home.

Change Their Positions in the Bed

As mentioned, rest is a critical part of recovery, but you must ensure your relative or friend does not develop bed sores when spending their days laying in bed. Regularly help the patient to change positions in their bed, which will increase their comfort, so they can focus solely on getting better. If you have difficulty moving a person, ask someone with the home for assistance or request a home nurse to help turn them at least once per day.

Ask How You Can Help

No-one will understand the wants and needs of your loved one’s body better than them. Rather than deciding what to do on their behalf, ask what you can do to help them get better. For example, they might be thirsty and need a glass of water, or they might need you to visit a pharmacy to collect a prescription. Or they may simply want you to sit with them to enjoy a chat or watch a movie. You can guarantee your love and support will make them feel a little bit better.

Listen to Your Loved One

Another way you can make a loved one feel better is by simply listening to them, which will allow them to articulate their emotions or feelings regarding the illness. Don’t force your opinion on them, and simply try to offer a sympathetic ear. This will prevent them from feeling lonely when resting, and your patience and understanding will provide them with the comfort that they are loved and cared for each day.

Offer a Distraction

When a person is ill, their mind and body can often be solely focused on how bad they are feeling. To cheer the patient up, you can simply try to offer a distraction from the illness so that they can enjoy a little escapism. For example, you can suggest watching a movie or TV series together, or you could play a game. If a loved one wants to recover alone, suggest they read a book, play a game on their smartphone, or listen to music.

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  1. Great tips thanks, my father is suffering from cancer right now and what i did is keep encouraging him to live and give him comfort. Thanks


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