How much sugar is in your summer drink?

Ginger tea- a great summer drink

Inflammation is usually the root cause of disease and chronic pain. During the summer months when its hot out we often reach for a cold summer drink. Many times we choose an iced tea or coffee, pop, fruit drink or a popsicle. These are often loaded with excess sugar and artificial flavors. Did you know that … Read more

Soothe Painful Stings and Bug Bites Naturally

treating bug bites

Choose from an array of natural, self-care options to soothe garden-variety stings and bug bites. During the summer months— and as temperatures moderate into fall—spending time outside is not only healthy, but downright enjoyable. In most cases, however, you will find yourself sharing space with some of nature’s most abundant creatures: insects. Insect bites are … Read more

6 Unique Food Tastes s to Eliminate Cravings

Six food tastes to reduce cravings

The six-taste ticket to good health You may know the three primary colors, the eight notes in a musical scale, and the nine planets circling our sun, but can you list the six fundamental tastes in food? According to Ayurveda, the healing tradition from ancient India, eating all six food tastes can balance your body, eliminate … Read more

Three Reasons to love Pink Himalayan Salt!

You’ve probably been told that salt is bad for you and that you need to watch your sodium levels. Salt is actually an essential nutrient that our bodies require for transporting nutrients into and out of our cells, regulating blood pressure, exchanging ions and much more. The problem isn’t necessarily salt, but what salt to … Read more

Cinnamon controls blood sugar levels

Keeping your blood sugar levels in check is an essential element of weight loss. Depending on the food you eat, blood sugar levels increase more or less after a meal. When your blood sugar levels are increased, your body releases more insulin, which transports glucose, to cells so it can be used for energy. It … Read more

Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

mosquito on an arm

Research is revealing that mosquitos are downright picky when choosing who to bite. It turns out there are many reasons why a mosquito targets certain people over others. Scientists believe that 85 percent of your overall attractiveness to mosquitos is based on your genetics. Unfortunately, you can’t change your genes. But, you can arm yourself with knowledge. … Read more

Improve Liver Health With Milk Thistle

Supporting liver health

The liver is the largest internal organ (about the size of a football), located on the right side of your body under the ribcage. The liver clears waste products from your blood. These waste products come from medicine, food, and alcohol consumption. It filters 540 gallons of blood a day (1.5 quarts per minute!). The … Read more