4 simple steps to eliminate acne

4 ways to avoid acne

Why do we use antibacterial creams and harsh soaps when acne begins deep inside the body? Acne isn’t just skin deep. Breakouts, pimples, and deep cystic eruptions are actually signs of inflammation in the body. Typically, we develop acne when: Hormones fluctuate. We eat certain foods. We drink alcohol. We have irregular bowel movements. We … Read more

Ten Tips to Wash Your Hair Better

tips to wash your hair

Hair can be quite changeable. For many these tips will help to wash your hair better. Sometimes it looks so nice while sometimes it can be extremely messy. Of course, everyone wants their hair to be soft when they run their fingers through the hair, but when they have dry hair or dandruff, this can … Read more

Honey to Improve Skincare

Using honey for skincare

They all say beauty is from the inside and this is true. But it can also come from bee hives! No more dark circles under the eyes, patches or skin issues. Consider HONEY for all of these! If you need cheap and effective tanning, removal of acne or dandruff, use raw honey for beauty regimes. Honey is … Read more