How to To Deal With Your Bff Dating Your Ex

You just broke up with your boyfriend and things have pretty much moved on. And just like every heartbroken girl, we are assuming you shared all your pain and anger with your best friend. Isn’t that how women deal with heartbreak? Talking to your BFF about a broken relationship gives you immense satisfaction. When everything seems okay, you suddenly are told that your BFF is dating your ex. What do you do in a situation like this? Hold a grudge against your friend or create a scene? This situation can seem worse than your breakup and it is only normal. However, you need to deal with this in a much mature way. We will tell you 5 ways to deal with the fact that your BFF is now dating your ex.

Maintain distance

If you want to feel better the best thing to do is maintain distance. Make sure whenever you meet your friend, she does not get him along. You can also take a temporary break from this friendship and stay away from this whole thing. This will give you time to asses and also heal maybe.

Do not stop yourself from being upset

If the news of your friend dating your ex upsets you, just cry it out. Do not hold back your feelings. You need to vent it out and ensure that it is off your chest. You can cry in front of other friends if you wish. You will be okay with time and that can happen more effectively if you allow yourself to grieve.

Hang out with people who you like

This can be a tough time so you might want to stop hanging out with this friend for some time. Instead hang out with other friends who make you feel good, make you laugh and are supportive. You totally deserve a good time.

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Have a heart to heart conversation with your friend

Talk it out and tell your friend whatever you think or feel about this whole thing. You need to know their side as well, because you never know maybe she does not mean to hurt you. So before you decide to maintain distance, have a heartfelt conversation with her.

Respect your friend

However upset or hurt you are, never tell her call her that she is wrong or selfish. Remember, this friend matters to you a lot more than your silly ex. So respect her for her choice and ask for the same understanding and respect from her.

This is how you handle a situation like this. It can be tricky, but if you follow these steps, you will overcome all your negative feelings soon.

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