Five Potential Lupus Cures

Lupus Cures-What is Lupus?

There are many different diseases out there that can affect humans. One of these diseases is known as lupus. Lupus can be a very dreadful disease and can cause many different problems. In some people it may even cause death. Having the symptoms associated with lupus and then looking up the symptoms and finding out that you may have lupus can be devastating. Doing what you can to help alleviate all symptoms is the most important thing. While you may have heard there are no lupus cures out there, there are actually several things that you can do to help your body fight lupus. From eating and drinking right, from exercising, and doing mind and body exercises you can have the skills to help protect your body.

Lupus is a chronic disease where your own immune system attacks everything in your body. Muscles will be attacked, tissues will be attacked, joints can be attacked, and all major organs can be attacked. Lupus is not an easy diagnosis. There are so many diseases that can mimic the signs and symptoms of lupus. It often takes people several tries and many tests before they find out that they have lupus. It took me over a year to get a diagnosis. Lupus can be triggered by more severe reactions to infections, and different illnesses. If you suspect that you have lupus, you can speak to your doctor as well as do research on varieties of different lupus cures out there. When I found out that I suffer from lupus the first thing that I went to was my doctor to discuss varying treatments. I was dismayed at the number of cures or treatments out there. It started out on my own research to try to find a way to help my lupus. Below is an overview of several different cures that may help you.

Lupus cures – Five Ways

1. Medications. There are a broad variety of medications out there that can help to treat the symptoms of lupus. They are as follows

  • Corticosteroids. Corticosteroids can help counter the inflammation that is caused by lupus. However these types of medications also come with many different side effects. Prednisone which is a corticosteroid can cause thinning of the blood, thinning of the bones, high blood pressure, and increased weight gain.
  • Immunosuppressants. There are several drugs out there that can help to suppress the immune system. This is best used in extreme cases of lupus were nothing else is working. The side effects to this kind of medication can be severe and can include loss of fertility, liver damage, and infection.
  • Antimalarial drugs. The drugs used to treat malaria, can have an effect on lupus. Side effects for this include stomach upset, and I damage.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs like Advil, can help with the pain that is caused by lupus. However these drugs can cause issues with hearts, stomach bleeding, and an increased chance of blood clots.

For the record not many of the medications that I tried helped. I found much more benefit from the tips below. However some people have had great benefits from taking some of the medications listed above.

2. Exercise. There’ve been many studies that have shown that moderate exercise can help with lupus. The person who has lupus will need to speak to their doctor first before starting an exercise regimen. This is due to the fact that lupus can harm the joints and you will need to be checked out before you start any kind of program. Those who exercise, even who exercise on a treadmill at home, has stated that they seen great relief in some of their symptoms especially joint pain.

3. Essential oils. One of the up-and-coming lupus cures has been essential oils. Essential oils have been around for centuries and have been shown to help many different diseases. There are thousands of different oils and they are all-natural. They have no side effects and no risk of cancer, upset stomach, or death. Many people who have decided to take essential oils of saw great benefits as soon as I started taking oils.

4. Diet. When I first found out that I had lupus I was eating very poorly. Lots of junk food, and lots of stuff that probably no one should be eating. If it’s got more than five ingredients is probably a safe bet it’s not healthy for you. In finding out that I had lupus I started to do research and quickly found that all natural diet full of rich plant-based foods and strong proteins that help alleviate and become quick lupus cures. If you are diagnosed with lupus I strongly encourage you to check out changing your diet. When I did I saw dramatic improvements in my symptoms. When I eat poorly I noticed that my symptoms are much worse than what they were.

5. Rest. One of the worst things a lupus patient can do is to overdo it. When you run around and you do too many things at one time you have a tendency to get overtired. When this happens, your body your immune system is going to work overtime. You’re going to have trouble with everything that you try to. So instead of overdoing it and causing yourself more problems consider resting. Take a nap during the day, and make sure that you get eight hours to sleep at night. Ensuring that you do this will help make sure that your body is getting adequate rest it needs to help repair itself. If you find yourself unable to rest consider trying some deep meditation practices and speaking with your doctor about how you may rest better.

While having lupus can make you feel terrible and can put your life at risk with these lupus cures tips you can find your symptoms alleviated and you can find that you can get your life back. You don’t have to wait around for a magical cure these are things that you can do right from your own home. If you’ve been diagnosed with lupus consider trying these six tips to see if they help you with your condition.



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