Foods that Fight Chronic Inflammation

Many of the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals we need provide huge anti-inflammatory relief and help our bodies in many ways. Protect your body from a wide range of conditions caused by inflammation, including arthritis. Below are 9 natural anti-inflammatories and where to get them.

1. Magnesium

Magnesium not only reduces inflammation, but reduces stress. Those with lower levels of magnesium often experience higher levels of stress, which lead to cravings, altered hormone levels and potentially depression. Roughly 70% of Americans suffer from magnesium deficiency. You can find magnesium in dark leafy vegetables, including almonds and legumes. Those who are overweight are more likely to suffer from a magnesium deficiency, as they may not be eating enough nutrients.

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2. Coenzyme Q10

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, coenzyme Q10 has shown to be a huge help in providing relief against inflammatory conditions, such as gout or chronic arthritis. By eating more olive oil, salmon, sardines, avocado, parsley, walnuts, mackerel, broccoli and spinach, you can get more than enough Coenzyme Q10.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin that provides huge boosts to your inflammatory relief. Vitamin E is found in nuts and seeds, as well as spinach and avocado. Vitamin E, along with all of these vitamins and minerals, is highly crucial to your body’s ability to heal.

4. Glutathione

An antioxidant that fights against free radical damage, glutathione provides immense anti-inflammatory relief to the body. You can find it in avocados, tomatoes, apples, grapefruit and garlic.

5. Vitamin K

According to some studies, vitamin K has shown defenses against heart disease, osteoporosis and similar conditions. Vitamin K1 can be found in kale, cauliflower, cabbage and spinach. The second vitamin K, K2, is found primarily in eggs and liver.

6. Vitamin B

Low levels of B6 tends to lead to higher levels of C-reactive protein, which is the amount of inflammation inside the body. Mushrooms, bell peppers, turkey, cod and kale are packed with B vitamins. Folate, another B vitamin, has been shown that, even in low-doses for short term use, reduces inflammation in overweight people. Find folate in dark leafy greens and black-eyed peas.

7. Vitamin D

Reduce inflammation by ingesting more vitamin D. Lower levels of vitamin D often lead to inflammation problems, such as arthritis or chronic joint pain. An estimated 2/3 of the United States suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. The D vitamin is found in the sun, as well as in fish, organ meats, egg yolks and milk.

8. Vitamin A / Beta-Carotene

Beta-carotene converts from a provitamin into Vitamin A while it is inside the body. Vitamin A is not only an anti-inflammatory, but an antioxidant that defends that body from free radical damage. Boost the amount of Vitamin A within your body through spinach, sweet potato, cantaloupe, broccoli and collard greens.

9. Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been shown to have huge anti-inflammatory qualities, particularly from foods like tomatoes and tomato juice. Low sugar sources are the ideal source of Vitamin C, though you can find it in fruits like lemons. Begin each day with some water mixed with lemon juice for a hearty boost.

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