Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

It is true that metabolism is primarily controlled by genetics. There are several ways you can boost it naturally. The best thing we can do is to eat healthy goods proven and recommended by professionals.

Metabolism is the process via which the body transforms the foods we consume to make energy. The basal metabolic rate of our body can help maintain basic functions, such as cell repair and renewal, breathing, blood circulation, and a hormonal balance.

Several factors can affect your basal metabolic rate, including your diet, body composition, height, weight, gender, and age. The faster your metabolic rate, the more active and energetic you are and the more calories you burn. Here are a few foods that can help accelerate your metabolism.


A commonly used ingredient in our kitchen that can help boosting our metabolism is ginger. If we consume it regularly, we will create a slight increase in our body’s temperature. This body temperature rise can lead to a higher metabolic rate.

Being considered as a vasodilator, ginger can aid a lot in increasing the diameter of small arteries and improving the blood circulation. Increased circulation and blood flow is well-known to be associated with a rise in body temperature, which in turn can promote the metabolism and help our body in burning higher levels of calories.

In addition, ginger can aid in increasing the sense of satisfaction; thus, we will be able to eat less and burn more calories within a shorter time period.

Research published in the Journal Metabolism showed reduced feelings of hunger and enhanced thermogenesis with regular ginger intake; hence, suggesting an important role of ginger in weight control. Additional researches are needed to confirm these findings.


Consuming an apple on a daily basis is healthy in several ways; and it can increase your metabolism, as well as helping you a lot in losing weight. Rich in soluble fiber and low in calories, apple is very great for people who are looking for foods to increase metabolism. The high fiber content of apples can aid a lot in the bowel movements and digestive system.

The apple’s fiber content can keep cells from absorbing fat, as well as encouraging the water absorption. This in turn can help a lot in removing the fat deposits from your body. In addition, it can help you feel satiated for longer, preventing the sense of hunger that cause impulsive eating selections.

A research published in Appetite in 2009 stated that rising levels of dietary fiber by consuming a fresh apple before meals can be effective at increasing satiety of meals.

Grapefruits – another one among foods to increase metabolism for men and women – contain high levels of vitamin C that supports a lot in improving the function of your metabolic system. Vitamin C can help to regulate fat metabolism and support the fat burning process.


These tart tasting citrus contain a flavonoid named “naringenin”, an excellent source of antioxidants  needed for the function of the metabolism system. Naringenin can aid a lot in helping to lower the levels of insulin within the blood. This in turn can lead to improved metabolism and balanced blood sugar levels.

Research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed that people suffering from obesity who consumed grapefruit, grapefruit capsules, and grapefruit juice in their daily diet achieved better weight loss results. Consuming fresh grapefruit, can also improve insulin resistance.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has capsaicin – a compound that is well-known for having a positive effect on boosting the metabolic rate of our body. Capsaicin has thermogenic properties that can help the cells in converting energy into heat.

According to research published in the Journal of Proteome Research in 2010, capsaicin can also help to enhance the protein’s activities inside fat cells that can aid in breaking fat down. Researchers discovered that people who followed a daily diet high in fats and capsaicin experienced greater reductions in body fat compared to others.


Lemon can help to cleanse the digestive system and detoxify your liver. The vitamin C and enzymes contained in lemon can help to clear toxic substances from the body by turning them into compounds that would be eliminated from our body in the waste form. This can ultimately help to improve your metabolic functions.

To make use of the power of lemon, you just need to squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water and consume it in the morning on an empty stomach day by day. Hence, you will notice an improvement in your metabolism. You can also try adding lemons into your regular diet for more flavors to your foods and also derive its great beneficial impacts.

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