Foods With an Unhealthy Reputation

Some foods just have a bad reputation but they aren’t really unhealthy to consume in limited quantities. Here’s why you shouldn’t skip them.

How many times we stop ourselves from eating foods that we like or have a craving for just because we don’t want to add on kilos. Yes, people who are diet-conscious often follow a strict diet and avoid foods that are unhealthy. While excluding items like refined flour and sugar is a good idea, sometimes we tend to ignore foods just because they have reputation for being unhealthy but the reality is, having small amounts of these never hurt. And so, we list food items that can be part of your diet because they aren’t really unhealthy. Take a look.


Movies in theatres are incomplete with a bucket of popcorn but they come loaded with calories, butter and salt and more based on the flavor you order. However, popcorn when consumed plain isn’t unhealthy. In fact, it is a healthy snack as it fills you up in fewer calories and keeps you full for longer. So if you crave for some every evening, eat it without guilt but make sure it is not the one that has excess butter and salt, rather it is just plain popcorn that has been popped in the microwave.

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The constant battle of potatoes being loved by some and ignored by others has to stop. The truth is, potatoes as a vegetable isn’t unhealthy, it is the way you make it that increases or decreases its nutritional value. When you eat potatoes that is boiled or mashed, it is fine to consume in smaller quantities. However, the problem arises when you fry it and eat it. And since French fries is all fried, it makes people think that potatoes in general are unhealthy.


Another food item that has a bad reputation is rice. It is believed that it has too much starch and does not provide any nutrition. Well yes, rice isn’t the healthiest but it does have nutrients and is easy to digest. It is also good if you have brown rice as it does not raise your blood glucose levels instantly. Rice can be consumed in smaller quantities and if you are a staple rice eater, you don’t have to give it all up, you can just have portion control and eat it only once a day, preferably in the afternoon.


The first thing that people eliminate from their diet when trying to lose weight is ghee. Yes, clarified butter that is a dairy product is often ignored by weight watchers but the truth is one spoonful of ghee every day does your body only good. Ghee is not unhealthy when eaten in moderate quantities and so you should include it in your daily meals rather than skipping it. It prevents dryness and also adds a glow to your skin.

Red wine

Alcohol in general isn’t considered to be healthy and high in calories which isn’t all wrong but the truth is that multiple studies suggest that red wine is good for the heart and also has antioxidants that prevent ageing. Red wine however should be had in moderation and one glass every day isn’t such a bad idea. But keep a watch on how much you drink because excess of anything is bad and alcohol certainly is.

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