Get Rid Of Headaches in Seconds With A Simple Massage You Can Do Anywhere

By Loolwa Khazzoom

For millions of winter cold sufferers, the virus itself is a breeze compared to the headaches, congestion, and exhaustion of sinus pain. If you don‘t want to succumb this season, Narendra Mehta, founder of the London Centre of Indian Champissage, recommends you begin massaging your face regularly to keep the nasal passages clear.

Your sinuses, the hollow spaces in your skull behind your eyes, nose, and forehead, connect to the nasal passages by a mucous membrane lining. Excess mucus from an infection and swelling in the nose can block the free exchange of air between the nose and sinuses, causing pressure and pain.

“A regular massage of the acupressure points around your sinuses will increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system -encouraging congested mucous to drain,” advises Mehta. If you already feel the symptoms of sinusitis, a sinus massage can also prevent a full-blown sinus attack. But, Mehta cautions, “Care needs to be taken as these areas can be quite painful, so be particularly gentle.” Follow these steps to give yourself a sinus massage:

* Start by pressing just above the bridge of the nose with one index finger, and rub with a gentle circular motion. Move to the center of the forehead and rub with the same motion. With both index fingers, continue massaging progressively outward along the eyebrow ridges just above the eyebrows. When you get to the edge of the eyebrow ridges, lightly tap the areas you just massaged with all four fingers of each hand.

* Place your index fingers on either side of the nose just above the bridge and progress with the same circular motion along the lower edges of your eye sockets. When you get near the corners of your eyes, lightly tap the areas you just massaged.

* Press and gently hold the point halfway between the bridge of your nose and your nostrils with your two index fingers. You will feel a slight dip where your sinuses are. Press and gently hold just below and to the right and left of your nostrils. Firmly stroke along each side of the nose, from bridge to nostril, down the sides of the nose. Use the tips of your fingers to stroke from halfway to the bridge of the nose, along the top of the cheekbones to the tips of the earlobes. Continue your sweep from the earlobes down along the edge of your jaw.

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