How to Keep Your Child Healthy During the School Year

Even the healthiest child can be struck down with a seemingly never-ending series of illnesses and ailments once they start school; from the common cold to chicken pox to the dreaded nits, likelihood when your child goes back to school they are likely to be exposed to them all.

However, there are steps that you can take to try and prevent your child from catching every infection that is doing its rounds in their classroom. Because, let’s face it – if your child gets ill, your whole family gets ill, and that’s not what you want.

Ensure your child washes their hands

Most schools teach the importance of hand-washing after going to the toilet and before eating, but children can be resistant, especially if they are not used to doing this at home. Try and get into the habit of the whole family washing their hands before a meal together so that your child learns the importance of this task. Also, remind your child to wash their hands after they blow their nose.

Build a healthy immune system

You may notice that certain children at your child’s school always seem to be off sick, and this could be because they do not have a strong immune system and, therefore, cannot fight off infections effectively. Keep your child’s immune system strong by feeding them a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, ensuring they get sufficient exercise, and managing their stress levels.

Keep on top of their dental hygiene

Taking your child to the dentist during school hours in often unavoidable, but by keeping their teeth and gums healthy, you can minimize the time that you need to spend there. Ensuring that they brush their teeth thoroughly twice a day and avoiding eating sweets and fizzy drinks can make a huge difference to your child’s dental health. Save time by using dental supply companies online, who can deliver any dental products you may need directly to your door.

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Have a good bedtime routine

Going to school every day is a tiring business, and it is vital for your child’s ongoing wellbeing that they get an adequate amount of sleep every night. Having a bedtime routine in place, which includes a set time for bed, can help with your child’s physical and mental development as well as helping them perform better at school.

Start the day off strong

You know the saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’? Of course you do, and this expression is even more true for children. Ensuring that your child has a balanced breakfast of protein and complex carbohydrates has been clinically proven to improve brain function and ensure that your child has steady energy levels throughout the day.

Be prepared for lice

You may not want to think about these pests, but chances are that your child will get them at some point and pass them on to you too! Unfortunately, good hygiene habits do nothing to deter lice, and once caught, simple hair washing will not get rid of them. Stock up on head lice treatments, and be ready to hot wash all your bedding and linen. And, try not to scratch!

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