Mom Hacks For Coping with Older Teenagers

It is not easy when your children make the transition from perky little darlings to day rejecting, console addicted youths. As they inch closer to twenty, they begin to look and feel more like adults, but as a Mom, you are needed more than ever. You would be forgiven for, at times, feeling like you have reared alien beings with absolutely no relation to you at all. When it gets bad, take a deep breath and think about all of the things that you’re thankful for, and how amazing it will be when they go to college and seeing them becomes a beautiful novelty. Surviving this part of child rearing is tough, but follow these tips and get yourself through it.


Get Up As Early As Possible

During term time or summer break, one of the best ways to start the day right is to get up before everyone else and get some me time in first. If you have a tight schedule, it might be the perfect time to squeeze in an early morning workout. After all, there are some great health benefits associated with getting your heart rate going in the morning and you might notice a tremendous improvement in your overall mood.


Stay Positive And Approachable

Although your kids might be heavy with the weight of life, you must stay in good spirits and try to get laughs out of them whenever possible. It’s difficult being a teenager, with so many hormones whizzing around their bodies and weekly embarrassing social scenarios to contend with, they probably feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Be a ray of cheer in their melancholic existence, and don’t worry if you don’t get any positive feedback just yet. Hopefully, your smiles now will translate into a nice retirement plan when the time comes.


Offer Solutions Not More Problems

Every day brings a new challenge when it comes to supporting teenagers. Try to think about things as calmly as possible and offer advice that accepts where they are. If they are having troubles with friends, listen to their problems and try not to offer your personal opinion if you can help it. Nobody wants to know their Mom hates their best friend. If they are over eighteen and have started smoking, advise them about the health implications and if they don’t stop consider buying them e liquid nicotine for a vape for when they go out. At least they won’t smell so awful when they get home.


Pin Them Down And Make Them Spend Time With You

If there’s one thing that’s important for any Mom to nurture, it’s a close personal relationship with their child. Look into activities to do together that you will both enjoy; you could even take up a hobby together or arrange a regular film evening. Although they might groan right now, they will remember it the years to come. It might even contribute to them becoming great parents themselves one day.

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