New discovery activates your #1 fat loss gene

If you have trouble fitting into your JEANS — it may well be because of your GENES!

It’s true. Scientists recently discovered a gene that controls your body’s “fat-burning switch”. When it’s not working properly, your fat burning slows down. And the pounds creep on.

This gene is crucial to fat loss because it stimulates the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (or cAMP), a cellular messenger that tells your body to break apart stored fat and to burn it.

That’s why I call this gene your body’s “fat-burning switch”.

But when that gene is switched OFF, it doesn’t stimulate enough cAMP, losing fat becomes an uphill battle — even if you go super low-carb with diet and super high-intensity with exercise!!!

Unfortunately, you really ARE stuck with the genes you were born with.

But the new and exciting news is this: your genes don’t have to control your destiny — or how much fat you carry around.

Because scientists have discovered a remarkable natural compound that does what your genes have trouble doing: help you lose unwanted fat by stimulating cAMP production and boost your metabolism.

This Naturally Activates Your Fat-Burning Switch…

This groundbreaking discovery has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to assist with heart, lung and digestive function. But now, a flood of new research shows it can also be a godsend for those fighting fat gain after turning 40.

That’s because multiple studies show this herb is one of the only natural compounds that can stimulate the production of fat-destroying cAMP and help you overcome the two major genetic hurdles that can interfere with fat loss — with no dangerous side effects.

First, by increasing the production of cAMP, it can trigger your body to release stubborn fat that’s locked up in your fat cells.

Second, because it can help improve thyroid function, it can also give an extra shot-in-the-arm to your metabolism. That ensures your fat-burning furnaces will be white hot and ready to incinerate the released fat when it gets there.


No wonder one groundbreaking study found that this metabolism-enhancing herb decreased body fat by 11%. AND added 6% more lean, toned muscle!

And in yet another study, this herb was shown to result in an average loss of 9.17 pounds… as well as reduction in body fat of 8 percent.

What is this remarkable compound? I am talking about forskolin — an herbal extract from a plant within the mint family. Pretty remarkable so far, right? But we’ve only just scratched the surface…

How to Starve Your Fat Cells and Make them Shrink…

How’s this for poetic justice: Forskolin can also actually starve your fat cells!

How? By blocking sugar from getting into them and turning into fat.(5,6) Another study shows that forskolin even helps STOP fat cells from forming in the first place!

And the good news keeps on coming…

Additional research shows that forskolin can boost testosterone levels. That’s important for both men AND women, because it can increase lean body mass and reduce body-fat deposits.

Finally, further research shows that forskolin can also help support healthy blood pressure levels,normalize heart function(10) and balance your immune system.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you see a natural compound produce such wide-ranging benefits from fat loss to health such as these, you know it’s for real.

The Best Way to Put Forskolin to Work for YOU…

This humble medicinal plant is so effective, it has been cited in more than 5,000 clinical studies.

That’s why for metabolic experts in-the-know, it’s #1 on their list of ways to naturally, and safely, enhance metabolism and fat burning.

Remember, your genes are what they are, but that doesn’t mean you are destined to be overweight. You CAN turn the tables on your genetics with the smart use of these safe, natural compounds that have been proven to enhance your natural ability to burn fat.


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