3 Easy Ways To Consume Antioxidants

I can’t overstate the importance of antioxidants for your health. Every moment, your body churns out potent reactive substances called free radicals, which form as your body “burns” food for energy, detoxifies chemicals, and fights off invading organisms. While free radicals are necessary for life and play a vital role in maintaining health, in excess … Read more3 Easy Ways To Consume Antioxidants

The Powerful Health Benefits Of Broccoli

  Aging increases the chance for stroke, but current research finds that olive oil is a major contributor in stroke prevention. Those with high-intake levels can reduce their risk by more than 40 percent. The study, published in Neurology, followed 7,625 people divided into three groups, with “no use,” “moderate use,” and “intensive use” of … Read moreThe Powerful Health Benefits Of Broccoli

14 Foods To Boost Your Happiness Hormones

In the never-ending pursuit of happiness, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to boost joy naturally. As it turns out, the foods we eat have a lot to say about our overall happiness. Here are 14 foods that boost serotonin, endorphins and other happiness hormones in the body naturally. 1. Asparagus As one … Read more14 Foods To Boost Your Happiness Hormones

Be Emotionally Satisfield with Breast Augmentation Surgery

Do you feel thаt уоur brеаѕtѕ hаvе started lооking оdd in рrороrtiоn tо your bоdу ѕtruсturе? Yоu mау wiѕh to inсrеаѕе the breast vоlumе аnd improve your brеаѕt соntоur. Aftеr аll, it is a dream оf every wоmаn to hаvе ‘aesthetically рlеаѕing breasts.’ Ovеr-ѕmаll brеаѕtѕ can cause emotional diѕсоmfоrt аnd imраir your ѕеlf confidence. Hоwеvеr, … Read moreBe Emotionally Satisfield with Breast Augmentation Surgery

5 prescription free antibiotics

Hospital antibiotics have become one of the most over prescribed “medicines” today. As a result people have ruined their digestive systems, and ironically, have lowered their natural immunity to all types of infections in the future. Get rid of infections without the digestive destruction, with these five powerful natural antibiotics. Garlic Garlic has been used … Read more5 prescription free antibiotics

Fast Food Health Risks You Need to Know About

You may be aware that fast food and processed foods can harm your physical health, leading to diabetes and obesity, as well as premature cardiac death, cancer, strokes, and more. But these foods are also altering your brain and your mental health – fueling depression, mental illness, and other issues. According to a study published in the Public Health Journal, people who eat fast foods … Read moreFast Food Health Risks You Need to Know About

The Many Benefits Of A Relaxing Bath

In heated little rooms, Finns gave birth, American Indians experienced spiritual cleansing, and the Romans scrubbed their bodies after a tough day building the empire. We know them as saunas and steam baths, Middle Easterners call them hammam, and the Russians love their banya—all hot boxes that serve to ease stiff muscles, soothe away arthritic … Read moreThe Many Benefits Of A Relaxing Bath

Natural Remedies To Reduce Stress

There comes a time in everyone’s life where stress and tension can feel overwhelming. It can happen if we’re under pressure to hit high targets in our busy work life, we are studying for important final exams, or if your relationship is going through a rocky time. If we allow the stress to overtake our … Read moreNatural Remedies To Reduce Stress

7 natural ways to cure a urinary tract infection

According to a study in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association), urinary tract infections (UTIs) account for more than 11 million physician visits annually. At best, UTIs cause discomfort and inconvenience; at worst they can lead to serious kidney infection. They occur more often in women, especially women who are sexually active and … Read more7 natural ways to cure a urinary tract infection