8 Natural Remedies to Reduce Lupus Flare Ups

Lupus Natural Treatments- Symptoms

Being diagnosed with lupus is one of the scariest things that you may ever have to face. There are many treatments for lupus that may alleviate some of the symptoms and problems that come with the disease but unfortunately there is no cure. Treatments include pharmaceutical treatments, therapy treatments and lupus natural treatments. As a longtime sufferer I have suffered from many symptoms that come and go. Here is list of some of the symptoms that have suffered through since my diagnosis and before my diagnosis of lupus.

    • Weight loss and weight gain.
    • Chest pain.
    • Mouth sores.
    • Anxiety.
    • Depression.
    • Joint pain.
    • Butterfly shaped rash.
    • Fatigue.
    • Memory loss.
    • Skin lesions.
    • Joint swelling.

Introduction To Natural Remedies

As time went on and after many expensive doctors visits I quickly found out that no amount of pharmaceutical medication really helped. I tried them all. From Lyrica to antidepressant medication nothing worked. I decided to try to find a better way. I spent hours researching and finally found some natural treatments and remedies that work for my symptoms. While I know it’s not a cure I know that is much safer to use these natural remedies than medication that is not well tested and medication that could be dangerous. Here are eight of the lupus natural treatments that are all-natural that help me with many of my symptoms.

1. Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are shown to help cut down an inflammation of the body. When taken daily studies have shown that it helps to improve the symptoms of lupus patients. I myself have had great results taking a fish oil supplement. You can also get this by eating fish such as sardines and salmon and if those don’t appeal to you can eat flax seeds or take a flaxseed supplement.

2. Herbal medicines. There are several different herbs out there that can help a lupus patient. Lavender for instance when rubbed on the skin can help treat joint inflammation and tenderness. Ginger and turmeric can also help with joint pain. Herbs like mint as well as rosemary can help calm overactive nerves and can help alleviate panic.

3. Essential oils. While some doctors may say that these are just snake oils and will never work, many lupus patients have experienced great relief by using essential oils. There are many different blends of essential oils as well as straight oils out there. These oils can help with joint pains body aches and even headaches. Some of the more popular essential oils that are known to help our rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, tea tree oil, and cinnamon. Some of these can be ingested or they can be infused or they can be made into a lotion and rubbed on the skin. I have seen great relief in some of my symptoms by using essential oils. These are great lupus natural treatments that many have seen benefits from.

4. DHEA. DHEA is a hormone that is steroid based. It is an essential building block of the production of testosterone and estrogen. Studies have shown that this can help improve the quality of life in patients with lupus. Supplements with DHEA can be found in many different natural food stores. In fact some of the Omega fish oil supplements also have added DHEA in them.

5. Mind therapies. Guided imagery, hypnotherapy, and meditation can all help to alleviate symptoms of lupus. One of the biggest problems with lupus is that people who suffer from the disease suffer from extreme stress, depression, and anxiety. By not relaxing and staying stressed out, the disease can spread and cause further symptoms. By doing this lupus natural treatment, a person dealing with this disease can relax and allow parts of their body to heal.

6. Body therapies. Lupus patients such as myself have had great luck with therapies such as massage and water therapy. Water therapy such as swimming or sitting in a hot jetted tub can help alleviate joint pain, back pain, headaches, and help aid in keeping a proper weight. Going to a sauna can also help a lupus patient as it can help rid the body of toxins. Some lupus patients find that they experience a build-up of toxins and heavy metals in their body. By detoxing the body this aids in healing and symptom alleviation.

7. Natural diet plans. One of the greatest things that help myself with switching to a more natural diet. Cutting away junk food, and food filled full of chemicals and things that I could name was a great benefit to my health. While the cause of lupus is not fully known the ingestion of chemicals in food and drink can help to worsen symptoms. It is best to cut out things like soft drinks, excess sugars, foods with MSG’s, as well as any foods with genetically modified genes. Instead lupus patient should eat more fruits and vegetables. Especially those like asparagus, onions, garlic, and eggs because these foods have sulfur. Sulfur helps to rebuild connective tissue and bones. To help combat inflammation stay away from some forms of peppers and tomatoes. Green leafy vegetables as well as fish, whole grains, and brown rice should be added to the diet and ate daily as they can help provide the body with the proper nutrients. Dairy products may need to be avoided for some lupus patients as they can aggravate symptoms of the body. This is probably the strongest lupus natural treatments out there as it has been shown time and time again to help alleviate symptoms.

8. Fluoride. This is not one that is often thought about when treating lupus, but if you have been diagnosed with lupus you should avoid fluoride at all cost. If you have fluoride toothpaste switch to a non-fluoride toothpaste. If you have fluoride infused water consider switching to a reverse osmosis water purifier. In some studies has been shown to help exasperate the symptoms of lupus. I myself have cut out fluoride and have seen a marked improvement in my lupus symptoms.

Lupus Natural Treatments- Getting Started

While all these tips may seem a bit overwhelming, you can start to implement them immediately. By adding vitamin rich food and cutting out bad food will see a marked improvement. Using essential oils, herbal remedies as well as adding supplements can also help alleviate your symptoms. Many people including myself have seen a great improvement of symptoms by simply following these eight tips. Consider trying these lupus natural treatments today to see if they’ll help alleviate your symptoms of lupus.

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