Signs that you are dating a two timer

You have been dating this guy for some months now and everything so far is good and going smoothly. Everything seems perfect with very few fights or differences. In spite of this, you still feel there is something missing, something is fishy then maybe you are thinking right. In a relationship, it is okay to go by what your instincts tell you because most of the times they are true. If your intuition tells you there is something wrong and not everything is as nice as it seems to be, then maybe it is true. Maybe your guy is already in a relationship with another girl. These are the 5 signs that tell you are dating a two-timer.

Too many unanswered calls
If your man is two timing you with some other chick, then the first sign to look out for is unanswered calls. When a man is in a relationship with another woman, he will ignore your calls around her. Does your man not attend calls whenever he says he is at work or with friends? Well, maybe he is not really being truthful and there is somebody else.

He hates going out on dates with you
For a man who is already in a relationship, going out on dates with his second girl is always a big risk. So a man who is two-timing usually avoids such situations. If your man never wants to go out for dinner or to a movie, consider this as a sign.

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He has never introduced you to his friends circle
It’s been several months since you have been dating this guy. He has met all your friends but somehow you have not met his friends yet. He always shrugs when you talk about meeting his friends. If this has been happening for too long now, you can take it as a sign that he is two-timing.

Whenever he is with you, he switches off his phone
So your guy does spend a lot of time with you. However everytime he does, he makes sure to switch off his phone and his reason is he does not want to be disturbed. You might find this cute, but have you ever thought that he can also put it on silent mode? If he always switches off his phone, maybe it is because he doesn’t want to get any calls from his other girlfriend.

He always talks of being busy with work
Your man suddenly seems to have a lot of work in office. He stays back late and is also too busy to talk to you. These are all classic signs of a man two timing. Look out for this sign.

Now most of these signs can also be genuinely honest ones, but if your intuition tells you there is something wrong, then maybe there is. If you find your man guilty, it is best to walk out instead of fighting for a place in his life with the other girl.

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