How to Start Selling Food Supplements on Etsy

Eating healthily and having a good diet is becoming more important for people, as they realize the benefits of looking after their body and mind. Because of this, the opportunity to sell health foods and supplements is bigger than ever.

You don’t need to open a store on the high street; you can begin by selling your products online through sites like Etsy. Here are some tips to help you set up and start running your very own Etsy store.

Setting up Your Account

The first thing you need to do is set up your account. It is free to do, but there are a few things you need to remember as you go along.

At first, all you will need is your email address and think of a password. For safety reasons, spend time deliberating your password, and when it comes to naming your store, make it relevant and memorable.

Opening Your Store

To open your Etsy store, you will need a few ideas about the name you want to give the store. Try to have three or four names in mind in case the one you choose is already taken. It is recommended that you try to put the word ‘shop’ at the end of the name just to make it clear to the customers.

You can also add things to personalize your store and make it unique such as a banner for your store page. You can create an Etsy banner easily using sites such as Adobe Spark.

Creating Items

It is important that when you open the store that you have at least one product to sell. It doesn’t matter what it might be, but it allows your customers to see something when they visit.

It is important to have good quality photos of the products you are selling that are 800 to1000 pixels wide. You also want them to be nicely taken against a neutral background so that they stand out.

You should also have a few key words in mind to add to the listing. This will help your customers find your products, so think about what words they might use to search. It is also a good idea to have a price in mind that is competitive but not too low.

Set Yourself Achievable Goals

When you are thinking about your new store, try to have goals in place for you to aim for within the first few months. Don’t make them so difficult that you won’t reach them or your morale will suffer. However, you need to make sure that your store is moving in the right direction.

Don’t be Afraid to do Trial and Error

Your new store is going to be a learning curve for you, so try not to make things too perfect, or you might get caught up and never sell anything. Just try a few things to see how it goes, then evaluate and if necessary change the tactics.

Now you have your new Etsy store up and running; you can start working towards making it a big success.

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