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Study: Ease Digestion and Fight Peptic Ulcers With This Vegetable

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Fight Ulcers With Arugula

By Sarah TolandYou may find the latest remedy for painful peptic ulcers not at your local drugstore, but in your salad instead.

Researchers recently discovered that Eruca sativa, an herb also known as rocket or arugula, helps reduce stomach-acid secretion that can irritate gastric ulcers, the type of peptic ulcers that form in the abdominal wall and can cause severe pain.

Scientists speculate that arugula, already thought to help prevent cancer and stimulate liver health, affects ulcer activity by limiting stomach-acid secretion or by regulating hormones that protect the gastric-wall lining. Arugula also has high levels of antioxidants, which researchers believe may contribute to its anti-ulcer properties.

The herb can be found in most produce sections and makes a tasty addition to salads, pizzas, and other dishes.

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