80% of the American population is deficient in the critical mineral

And, in a recent survey we conducted, we found that 93% of people have heard of magnesium but only 18% are taking supplements. We don’t think that’s a coincidence. Here’s 10 signs your body is craving more magnesium: You get muscle cramps.  Your muscles cramp and spasm when there’s not enough magnesium to push calcium out … Read more

These Herbs Bust Candida Overgrowth

Maybe you feel the die-off of a Candida cleanse. You have flu-like symptoms, including a headache. Your skin flares. Your energy drags. You think it’s working. Because when the body cleanses, things usually get worse before they get better. But the feeling of die-off (otherwise known as a Herxheimer reaction) doesn’t always mean that you’ve … Read more

Would You Put Honey In Your Vagina For A Yeast Infection?

A yeast infection can be downright uncomfortable, and for an estimated one billion women worldwide, this discomfort is a simple fact of life. But many of us also find it embarrassing to seek out help in the fight against that incessant itching in the nether regions, and when we do go to the doctor or pharmacy it’s … Read more

The Most Powerful Herb That Destroys Stomach Aches, Diarrhea, Arthritis, Sore Throat, Flu Virus…

Multiple studies show that thyme essential oil and thymol, its active compound, contain potent antiseptic properties. As a matter of fact, most antiseptic wipes and mouth washes contain thymol in their chemical structure. Interestingly, a recent research suggests that thyme essential oil even has the ability to reduce pain.  This shouldn’t come as surprise, though, … Read more

Candida can invade organs and shutdown immune system (Here is how to protect yourself)

Candida is an opportunistic yeast naturally found in the digestive tract and on the skin. Candida overgrowth in the digestive tract and systemic Candida overgrowth throughout the body can affect every level of health—from your digestion to your mood. In those with a compromised immune system, Candida overgrowth is the most common infection in intensive … Read more

Type 3 Sugar Addiction: Candida – The Happy Twinkie Hunter

Type 3 Sugar Addiction: The Happy Twinkie Hunter Sugar cravings caused by yeast/candida overgrowth A type 3 sugar addict needs sugar fixes regularly. From morning to night, the type 3 sugar addict noshes on donuts, Danish, cookies, cake, Ho-Hos, and other sweets. Without knowing it, however, when you feed yourself sugar, you are also feeding … Read more