10 Simple Tricks To Boost Immune System And Fight Off Colds

Unless you live in a plastic bubble, you can’t seal yourself away from all germs in life. They’re everywhere—especially this time of year. Your best bet to stay healthy is to strengthen your immune system so it can defeat any microscopic invaders before they lay siege. But if you took all the immune boosters recommended … Read more

4 Herbal Remedies To Fight The Common Cold That You’ve Never Heard Of

Heal Thyself—Spotlight on the Common Cold By Sally Lehrman Not long ago, I almost did myself in. I spent hours wandering around Los Angeles with a dear friend, despite the soggy Kleenexes pouring from his pockets. I told myself the social stimulation and fresh air would keep me safe from his cold. Hah! Less than … Read more

Natural Flu Fighters

Every year when the official “cold and flu” season rolls around, it can feel like the bell ringing for the start of a wrestling match. Between antibacterial hand gels and soaps, plus the constant nagging to “get your flu shot,” you might feel overwhelmed. In my opinion, flu shots are notoriously ineffective and can even … Read more