An Easy Choice to Fix Constipation

what causes constipation?

I really don’t like talking about constipation, since it makes me wonder whether I’m starting down that inevitable decline towards the day when all I want to talk about is having a “good bowel movement.” But the C word–constipation–continues to come up regularly when people go wheatless and grainless. “Won’t I lack fiber?” many ask. … Read more

Never have constipation again! 5 natural ways to clean out your intestines

Try these easy, natural strategies to cure your digestion woes. By Cara McDonald Spend an hour watching television and you’ll realize we’ve become a country comfortable with chatting about our bowels. Bikini-clad young women, gal pals bouncing out of yoga classes, colleagues in the elevator … everyone in commercial-land seems positively chirpy as they grin … Read more

10 early warning signs your body is full of toxins (and how to flush them out!)

Detoxing. It has become a popular trend over the past few years for people to detox. Before people start detoxing there are three common questions asked. How do you know when it is right to detox your body? What are the health benefits of an effective detox program? How do you actual detox your body? … Read more