Can Diet Impact Migraine Headaches?

Eliminating that morning ‘Cup of Joe,’ consuming processed foods high in nitrites or monosodium glutamate (MSG) and enjoying too much alcohol are potential triggers for headaches, says Vincent Martin, MD, professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine. There are two different approaches to preventing headaches with … Read moreCan Diet Impact Migraine Headaches?

7 Foods to Beat Inflammation!

Inflammation has become quite the buzzword lately, touted as the cause of everything from acne to Alzheimer’s and from digestive issues to obesity. And while new research continues to support that theory, it’s important to remember that inflammation can actually be a good thing. When the body detects injury or illness, the immune system jumps … Read more7 Foods to Beat Inflammation!

Simple Diet Guidelines To REVERSE High Blood Pressure

What should a healthy daily diet consist of? There is a lot of information out there… My “Health Supporting Eating Plan” (see below) addresses the question, “What should I make for lunch or dinner?” (Breakfast is optional, if you’re not hungry.) My eating plan, as you will see, does not list all there is to … Read moreSimple Diet Guidelines To REVERSE High Blood Pressure

Natural Radiance—Spider Veins

Even the name sounds ugly. Bluish, purple starbursts of tiny veins tend to creep up on us unnoticed and then surprise us in summer, just as we gear up to show off that new bathing suit. Spider veins, similar to varicose veins, only smaller and closer to the skin’s surface, appear when blood pools in the … Read moreNatural Radiance—Spider Veins

3 Things You Need To Add To Your Diet Today

With hundreds of opinions out there and thousands of diet books, knowing what to eat can feel overwhelming. With all the counting, restricting and renaming, navigating the health landscape can seem impossible and not even worth the effort. But you don’t have to try crazy or extreme diets to live healthier. The basic building blocks … Read more3 Things You Need To Add To Your Diet Today

The Best Diet For Heart Health?

Coffee drinkers probably don’t need any additional data to support their habit, but a new study presented at the American Heart Association meeting brings some happy news anyway: It finds that each additional cup of coffee a person drinks is associated with a measurable reduction in heart risk. Also presented at the conference this week, a … Read moreThe Best Diet For Heart Health?

How To Start Exercising When You Have 50+ Pounds To Lose

Have a hefty weight loss goal? Consider walking, not running, toward your best new body. A recent British study found people who regularly walked for fitness—albeit at a fast pace—weighed less than those devoted to other types of physical activity, including running, swimming, and cycling. Though she’s tried everything from kettlebells to gyrokinesis, personal trainer … Read moreHow To Start Exercising When You Have 50+ Pounds To Lose

8 ways to look and feel 10 years younger

No one wants to “be old,” but since we lack an acceptable alternative, maybe we should focus on growing old well. Turns out it’s our choice to make. We all know someone—a parent, grandparent, or neighbor—who seems to defy all the stereotypes about old people. Active, vibrant, engaged—they seem ageless as they go about their … Read more8 ways to look and feel 10 years younger