Science-backed ways to improve eyesight that most doctors won’t tell you

Ask the Doctor—Are there any nutritional ways to prevent cataracts? By Terry Grossman, MDQ Are there any nutritional ways to prevent cataracts? As light passes through the lens of the eye, proteins in the lens are unavoidably subjected to damage by free radicals. These damaged proteins change from crystal clear to cloudy and over time … Read more

How To Tell If You Have Computer Vision Syndrome (And How to Fix It)

Computers, while wonderful, routinely stress your eyes. A name actually exists for this eyestrain—computer vision syndrome (CVS), and it’s often the No. 1 office health complaint. You may have suffered from CVS symptoms after a long day at the ’puter yourself: fatigue, headache, dry eye, pain around the eyes, and trouble maintaining your focus. Your … Read more