8 Natural Remedies to Lower High Blood Pressure in No Time

Anyone with high blood pressure, of course, should consult with a physician before starting to use alternative remedies. Happily, though, most people with readings from 130/85 (high normal blood pressure) to 159/99 (the upper range of mild high blood pressure) can safely be treated with alternative methods, says Chris Meletis, dean of the National College … Read more

Lower High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Lifestyle plays a major role in the management of all diseases—and making a few changes might mean you can reduce or even avoid taking medications with unpleasant side effects. Although you shouldn’t go off your meds without discussing with your doc, here are 10 things you can start doing today to regain control of your … Read more

Simple Diet Guidelines To REVERSE High Blood Pressure

What should a healthy daily diet consist of? There is a lot of information out there… My “Health Supporting Eating Plan” (see below) addresses the question, “What should I make for lunch or dinner?” (Breakfast is optional, if you’re not hungry.) My eating plan, as you will see, does not list all there is to … Read more

Celery for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem for many people; in fact, in America around 76.4 million adults suffer from high blood pressure, the American Heart Association notes. High blood pressure can greatly increase your risk for a life-threatening stroke or heart attack. So what do you do about it? Simple, celery. Use celery for high … Read more

20-Year Study Shows That High Blood Pressure Can Lead To Alzheimer’s

By: Dr Joel Fuhrman MD High blood pressure increases dementia risk The small arteries of the brain are sensitive to elevations in blood pressure, and long-term hypertension carries the risk of injury to these small vessels, impairing blood flow and resulting in damage to or atrophy of brain tissue. As such, high blood pressure is hazardous to … Read more

Does Aspirin Protect Your Heart?

If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or pretty much any cardiovascular disease, your doctor has most likely prescribed you low doses of aspirin. It’s a standard procedure most doctors do without even thinking. But a new study from Japan, and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that more caution is needed. It’s not … Read more

Simple Exercise That Lowers Your Blood Pressure Today

Today, I’m going to teach you a simple, easy exercise that immediately improves your blood pressure. Introduced by a Harvard professor in the 70s, this was an eye-opener for the Western world about high blood pressure and the mind/body connection. Please don’t be put off by how simple and easy this exercise is. Anyone can … Read more

Alcohol Abuse: The 5 Most Serious Health Risks

Alcohol plays an integral part in most social occasions: a bottle of wine over dinner, a few cocktails on the weekend, or a nightcap at the local bar at the end of a long, hard week. Although we all enjoy drinking in moderation, these beverages soon add up, so how do we know when enough … Read more

FDA Warns Eating Too Much Licorice May Have Dangerous Side Effects

When it comes to candy preferences, there are few candies as controversial as black licorice. It falls in the category love it or hate it, with little in between. But on the eve of Halloween, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has struck terror in the hearts of black licorice eaters of a certain age … Read more