Why You Definitely Want To Keep Your Kidneys Happy—And 4 Easy Ways To Do It

These days there’s no shortage of chatter about exercises for heart health, cancer-fighting foods, and recipes for keeping blood sugar in check. But there’s less talk about the kidneys, the twin organs that many doctors have deemed the unsung heroes of the human body. Not only do they help keep blood in tip-top shape, but … Read more

5 Home Remedies To Prevent Kidney Stones

Men who get kidney stones often say that passing them feels like what they’d imagine childbirth to be like. And while men still make up the majority of kidney stone sufferers, women in their 50s are gaining on them. According to David Kaufman, professor of epidemiology at Boston University, the lifetime risk of developing a … Read more

Kick Kidney Stones

Any man who’s gone through it will tell you that passing a kidney stone is the male equivalent of giving birth. In other words, it really, really hurts. Stones—ranging in size from a grain of sand to a small plum—form in the kidneys, when minerals and other substances in the urine aggregate. Small stones often … Read more