Are You at Risk for Autoimmune Disease?

Current perspectives consider a much wider segment of the population at risk. As amazing as our bodies are, we cannot completely withstand the constant assault posed by unhealthy diet, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins. Rising from modern lifestyles, these factors contribute to several of America’s serious health epidemics—and autoimmune disease is rising to the top … Read more

8 Natural Remedies to Reduce Lupus Flare Ups

Lupus Natural Treatments- Symptoms Being diagnosed with lupus is one of the scariest things that you may ever have to face. There are many treatments for lupus that may alleviate some of the symptoms and problems that come with the disease but unfortunately there is no cure. Treatments include pharmaceutical treatments, therapy treatments and lupus … Read more

Five Potential Lupus Cures

Lupus Cures-What is Lupus? There are many different diseases out there that can affect humans. One of these diseases is known as lupus. Lupus can be a very dreadful disease and can cause many different problems. In some people it may even cause death. Having the symptoms associated with lupus and then looking up the … Read more