The Newest Weight-Loss Pill

Weight loss supplements have a lousy track record. From the deaths and heart attacks attributed to fen-phen in the early 1990s to the recently banned ephedra, pills hyped to promote weight loss have pretty much proven to be useless at best and dangerous—even deadly—at worst. But new research shows there may be one pill out … Read more The Newest Weight-Loss Pill

Vitamins You Need After Age 40

Think of vitamins and nutrients as an army that will fight off age-related ailments. And the best way to build this army is by eating a healthy, well-rounded diet, says Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, manager of wellness nutrition programs at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. While it’s always important to eat well, it becomes especially … Read more Vitamins You Need After Age 40

Natural Radiance—Spider Veins

Even the name sounds ugly. Bluish, purple starbursts of tiny veins tend to creep up on us unnoticed and then surprise us in summer, just as we gear up to show off that new bathing suit. Spider veins, similar to varicose veins, only smaller and closer to the skin’s surface, appear when blood pools in the … Read more Natural Radiance—Spider Veins

How to Start Selling Food Supplements on Etsy

Eating healthily and having a good diet is becoming more important for people, as they realize the benefits of looking after their body and mind. Because of this, the opportunity to sell health foods and supplements is bigger than ever. You don’t need to open a store on the high street; you can begin by … Read more How to Start Selling Food Supplements on Etsy

15 Common Supplement Ingredients That Are Making You Sick!

From omega-3s to prenatal vitamins, supplements can provide major benefits. But a new analysis from Consumer Reports reveals many ingredients found in popular supplements could seriously compromise your health. Unlike prescription drugs and OTC medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin, “supplements are not tested for safety and efficacy by the FDA,” say Ellen Kunes, who leads … Read more 15 Common Supplement Ingredients That Are Making You Sick!