How Technology is Changing Healthcare

The rate at which technology is changing and developing is crazy. 30 years ago, no one had a home computer. 10 years ago, smartphones didn’t exist and now look at everything you can do on one. In the last few years, technology and the internet have started to play a huge role in almost everything that we do. Healthcare included. Here are some of the ways technology is changing the healthcare field.

Health Informatics

Health Informatics is the capture, analysis, and communication of information and data within the healthcare industry. Those who work in health informatics develop and maintain digital methods of extracting and collecting data. They then decide how to use this data for the good of the healthcare sector. They could discover the data to make important breakthroughs, to spot problems with records, treatments or care, as well as many other things. The expanding use and abilities of technology mean that health informatics is one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare and more people are enrolling in an online health informatics degree than ever before.

Electronic Record Keeping

Electronic records are digital versions of our medical records. Most hospitals and practices are now using a version of an electronic record keeping system. This makes your records safer, easier to access and makes it easier for different departments or locations to communicate with each other about a patient’s needs. Electronic record systems have also hugely cut down on errors with things like dosage or medicine allergies. Another benefit of electronic records is valuable space in healthcare settings no longer needs to be taken up by bulky paper files.

Robotic Surgery

One of the biggest developments in healthcare technology is the ability to perform difficult, fiddly surgery with a robotic arm. Surgeries that used to be difficult and lead to scarring and long recovery times are now routine and minor thanks to technological advancements.

Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care means patients have an online forum to communicate with their medical practice. They can use it to book appointments, update their records, request prescriptions, and seek advice. This saves doctors huge amounts of time and allows patients to feel a sense of control over their healthcare.

Laser Technologies

Lasers are used in healthcare for a wide variety of treatments. These include:

  • Hair removal
  • Cancer treatment
  • Diagnosis of bone disease
  • Eye surgery
  • Removing birthmarks and moles
  • Treating veins

3D Printing

A few years ago, 3D printing sounded like something out of a science fiction film. It’s already playing a big part in healthcare and its reach will continue to grow in the future. Some things 3D printing is currently used for include printed skin for burns victims, splints to help babies to breathe by stopping their lungs from collapsing, and repairing vein walls. 3D printing offers healthcare services a much cheaper way to create the tools they need to help patients.

Technologies used in healthcare will only grow and become more exciting as further discoveries and developments emerge. Technology is evolving and it’s taking healthcare with it. If you are interested in becoming a part of this incredible journey, consider a masters in health informatics.

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