3 Natural Tricks to Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair Fast

Tired of tweezers and razors, and the red, irritated skin they can leave behind?

Consider these skin-saving swaps:


An aesthetician wraps a strong thread around each hair and lifts it from the root.

Too time-consuming for a full-body treatment, this technique is best for face and neck defuzzing.


A lemon and sugar gel adheres to your hair, which is then pulled off with a denim or muslin cloth. Sugaring is often less painful and irritating than waxing—making it great for extra-sensitive areas, like your underarms and bikini line—since the mixture doesn’t stick to the skin and isn’t heated to the same high temperatures as wax.

Natural Waxing

While some aestheticians believe you shouldn’t use wax on your face (it can cause wrinkles), you could give it a try on your arms and legs if you have very fine hair.

Hot wax provides a better “stick” than sugaring; just be sure to look for a variety made without paraffin, which is a pore-clogging petroleum by-product.

Options include beeswax (which can be used without removal strips) or a pine-resin mixture.

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