Honey to Improve Skincare

They all say beauty is from the inside and this is true. But it can also come from bee hives! No more dark circles under the eyes, patches or skin issues. Consider HONEY for all of these! If you need cheap and effective tanning, removal of acne or dandruff, use raw honey for beauty regimes.

Honey is not just healthy but also great for beauty uses.  It is antiseptic, antioxidant, antibacterial and lessens inflammation too. It is good for the skin a lot!

Top benefits of honey for beauty are:

Fading scars – any size or shape of a scar can be ugly especially on visible parts. They are hard to be removed and hard to treat completely, but honey can make them fade a bit more. It also makes healing of skin faster and regenerates skin cells too. Mix same parts honey and coconut oil RAW FRESH. Massage this on the skin and in circle motions for 2 minutes. Then put a cloth on this area and leave until col. Wipe with cotton and repeat again the same day.

Psoriasis treating – this disease is autoimmune and impairs skin cells. It can make blisters, redness, lesions and itch even. This is not the CURE for this but can keep damaged skin from further infections.

Also it can soothe the dryness, peeling and patching of skin. In a study of the Complementary Therapies in medicine was said that topical use of honey and beeswax/olive oil mix is great for dermatitis and psoriasis too. Mix 1 tsp oil and honey same parts and beeswax. Put in microwave and warm up. Stir nicely until all is melted and let it cool. Apply as lotion on those areas few times per day. And do not scratch or pick the skin!

Minor cuts/wounds healing: Honey also cures these issues because it removes germs. It takes extra fluid from that area and speeds the heal time. Even stops microorganisms to grow more and infect it. In a study published of the Cochrane Database Systematic Reviews was said that honey topically treats wounds. But not chronic issues like ulcers or after surgery wound. To cure the minor ones, use Manuka. Put thick layer of this on the cut and place bandage over it. After few hours remove it and clean the skin with cloth. Repeat as you like.

No acne: Acne is due to excess skin oil in the pores and dust trapped in them. Honey removes bacteria since it is antibiotic by nature and lessens inflammation. Put it raw on the acne and skin around the acne. After half an hour rinse and do this few times per day. Or also mix 1 tbsp honey and ½ tsp cinnamon.  After 15 min on the acne, rinse it and do it again the same day.

Slower skin aging: Since it has antioxidants, the honey keeps the skin healthy from free radical damage. Those radicals speed up the aging and make skin saggy. Also, have a lot of water to keep skin youthful. Mix same parts honey and lemon juice. Put it on the face and neck and when dry, rinse with water. Do this 2 times per week. Or also mix 2 tbsp honey and avocado pulp. With the fingers, spread the mask on the face. After half an hour, rinse with lukewarm water. Do it 1 time per week.

Hair loss: Prevent baldness this way. Honey has antioxidants and kills germs or bacteria that reduce hair and promotes new hair to grow. Also, dandruff is under control and you should mix 1 tbsp honey and onion juice same doses. Massage the scalp and roots. After 30 min, shampoo the hair and repeat 2 times per week. Or make hair mask with same parts yoghurt and honey. Put on wet hair and after 40 min shampoo the hair. Do this 3 times per week.

Softer hands: Dry hands can be a health issue too since the skin may start to hurt even.  Rub honey on the hands and after 10 min rinse them. Then put hand cream and repeat this daily. Or, mix same parts glycerin and honey. Let it dry on the hands and wash with water. Repeat every day.

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