Where Can I Order Hair Loss Medication in the U.K.?

Everybody loses hair every now and then. It is natural to lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. However, when strands of hair fall prematurely or more than the significant routine healthy hair loss. Hair loss, as a medical condition, can affect both males and females, young and old alike.

What is the Cause of Hair Loss?

There are several causes of hair loss. Some major causes of hair loss are severe illnesses, genetics, stress, improper hair care, anemia, fungal infections, and just getting older. Hormonal imbalance or changes (like in pregnancy) is another cause of pregnancy.

Which Hair Loss Treatment Can I Order in the U.K.?

To order a hair loss medication, you would need to first complete an online medical questionnaire or a video consultation with a GP (General Practitioner). Proper diagnosis is important for your treatment. While you may feel worried about the strands of hair caught in your comb every morning, the cause of your hair loss may be stress or caused psychological.

If that is the case then, a hair loss medication may not be important. Your condition may also need a medical solution. After a consultation, your GP will prescribe one of the following medications based on your circumstances.

Finasteride and other Branded Products (Propecia)

If your case is male pattern baldness, there is a good chance your G.P would prescribe oral Finasteride (a generic drug) or Propecia (a branded prescription) to you. Both contain the same active ingredient (finasteride) and work pretty much the same way.

For male pattern baldness, a finasteride treatment either slows down or stops hair loss. Regular usage of finasteride gives you the potential regrowing some hair. Clinically studies show that finasteride works for about 9 out of 10 men suffering from male pattern baldness.

Alpecin Shampoo and Alpecin Liquid

Alpecin is another excellent treatment you for hair loss you can get online. Alpecin is available as a shampoo and as a liquid. Both contain caffeine as their active ingredients. The caffeine in Alpecin helps to strengthen the hair follicles from inside.

Although Alpecin products were initially developed for the requirements of male scalps, the product also leaves a satisfactory result on female scalps. While the results may differ in both sexes, it does work for both when properly used.

Rogaine for Men (Topical or Foam)

Rogaine is another popular name prescribed by GPs for the treatment of male pattern baldness. It comes as a foam and a topical solution. Rogaine foam contains 5 percent Minoxidil (its active ingredient) while the Rogaine topical solution includes a 2 percent minoxidil solution.

Depending on the severity of your condition, a GP would prescribe either the Rogaine foam or topical solution. The Foam is often prescribed for men with mild to average hair loss while the topical solution would be prescribed for more severe cases of hair loss.

Rogaine for Women

Like the Rogaine male, there are two different Rogaine solutions for female. The active ingredients in the female solutions are toned down. One formula contains 5 percent Minoxidil (the foam), while the second contains 2.5 percent Minoxidil. While the Rogaine male is used twice daily, the female solutions are applied once daily.

While there is currently no treatment to permanently cure hair loss, some of these treatments slow down the rate at which you lose hair. In the process of stopping hair loss, regrowth can also be stimulated.

Which Online Pharmacy Can You Order Hair Loss Medications in the UK?

The United Kingdom is one of the pioneers of online pharmacies, and there are many pharmacies where you can get hair loss medications. To order hair loss medications in the U.K consider visiting one of the following online pharmacies registered and operating legally in the U.K.


Pharmica is a great online pharmacy to order hair loss medications in the U.K. This online pharmacy sells all the popular brands of hair loss medications. To help get the best treatment for your hair loss, Pharmica offers a free online consultancy.

When you register, all you need to do is complete a free medical questionnaire to a medication. For a better understanding of hair loss and to help you manage your hair loss, there are many articles on the website of Pharmica.

Med Express

MedExpress is another online pharmacy where you can order good hair loss medications in the U.K. MedExpress works like Pharmica. When you visit MedExpress, you select your preferred treatment or medication, complete an online medical questionnaire. After a GP reviews your questionnaire, you would be given one or several prescriptions which you can order.


Pharmacy2U is the first and one of the biggest internet pharmacies operating in the United Kingdom. Pharmacy2U has a reputation for selling good drugs and offering excellent services.

Super Drugs

This another online pharmacy where you can order genuine hair loss treatment medications in the U.K. Like other online pharmacies the online doctors of this online pharmacies would carry out the assessment to determine which hair loss treatment would work best for you.

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