The Biggest Aesthetic Trends for 2021

Even in the time of COVID-19, the beauty and aesthetic industry persist. Instead of closing, clinics and salons have adopted safer and more hygienic practices to ensure their clients can proceed with their appointments as scheduled. However, business is still slower than before, with many clients refusing to take the risk of going maskless just to undergo beauty treatments. This is why aesthetic clinics and salons need to monitor trends to ensure they don’t waste money buying machines and fillers that they won’t even use.

Eye and forehead rejuvenation

Given that we’re still expected to carry the mask-wearing protocols well into the rest of 2021, aestheticians expect that there will be a decreased focus on parts of the face covered by masks anyway. Treatments to decrease eyelid and forehead wrinkles will probably face increased demand. Treatments to remove eye bags, tear troughs, and undereye pigmentation are also expected to rise, given the uncertainties and difficulties of the past year may have caused insomnia and stress among the population.

Non-invasive procedures

Over the years, cosmetic practitioners have been developing more nonsurgical procedures to avoid the risks and long recovery times associated with traditional surgical methods. Clients also prefer this method because the costs are generally lower, and the results are faster. The preference towards non-invasive procedures will continue even in 2021, with liquid rhinoplasty and injectables gaining prominence over surgical augmentations.

Preventive over curative treatments

As people understand the importance and effectiveness of a suitable skincare routine, more younger clients are coming in for treatments that focus on improving their skin quality. Millennial and Generation Z clients have the mindset that taking care of their skin while they’re young will save them from needing treatments like Botox or fillers in the future. Chemical peels, laser treatments, and medical-grade skincare products are on the rise, so if your clinic still isn’t offering consultations with a licensed dermatologist and special skincare formulations, this is a good time to start.

Body and face contouring

The pandemic led to a general closure of many establishments, including gyms, pools, and other sports and training facilities. Thus, clients who relied on these facilities to maintain or lose weight may have experienced some weight gain over the past year. Given this, the demand for face and body sculpting may rise to help clients quickly eliminate the excess fat. While some clients still go for surgical methods like liposuction and abdominoplasty, non-invasive procedures are growing more popular, like fat freezing or fat-melting using ultrasound or radiofrequency energy.

Given the world’s volatile state, the best way to keep your clinic or salon afloat is to make smarter business decisions and listen carefully to your client base. Check your records and note what treatments are growing in popularity and ask your clients what treatments they need that you aren’t currently offering. Don’t make impulse purchases on the latest machines just because your friends are doing so. If you’re looking for a supplier with all the machines and pharmaceuticals you need at a reasonable price, Skin Lab Medical offers everything listed above, and many others.

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